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Hospital Uno

March 29, 2015


The bouncer wouldn’t let him in with the bag.

He didn’t want to go in anyway.

It was Friday night, there was no space inside, and it was some part of London he didn’t know or care about. Jay wanted to come here, not him.


‘I told you, not with the luggage, mate.’

‘There’s nothing in it.’


‘Just some books…’

‘Not with the bag.’



‘…not…I’m not doing anything with it.’





‘I’m not telling you again.’

‘Okay, relax, man, I’m going…see, I’m going.’

Billy tried to go, but there were too many people to get past.


A few seconds later, the bouncer put a hand on Billy’s shoulder.

‘Move to the side, mate.’

‘I’m trying…’

‘You’re in the way.’

‘I can’t…’


‘Man…’ Read more…

Good Places to put Zines in Melbourne #1 – Sticky Institute

March 10, 2015


NOTE: I’ve never been to Sticky, but I have mailed zines there 3-4 times.


Oli: You’re based in Melbourne, in a subway tunnel as far as I can tell [I might be wrong]. Is it a good place for zines?

Sticky: We have been based in the tunnel under the main train station in Melbourne since 2001. It took a while to get the word out that we are here but we have been around so long now that people know where to find us. I spent the first few years writing letters to as many zines as I could find asking them to send zines to us, I don’t have to do that any more as the zines come to us.

Oli: I remember you said you could only take 10 or so of our zines as your shop was so small. There’s a record shop in HK that can only fit 4-5 people in at any one time. Is yours on that level or bigger?

Sticky: The shop is very small. Maybe the size of a living room. But we have managed to support over 12,000 individual zine titles from all around the world since we opened in 2001. And the rent is very cheap. If we moved above ground our rent would literally be 10 times what we currently pay so we are happy to stay where we are.

Oli: I live in Hong Kong and I found you. Do you get a lot of people from different countries sending you stuff?

Sticky: We get a lot of Australian zines, New Zealand zines, American zines, Canadian zines, UK zines, one of our best sellers is the Latvian comics collection ‘Kus’.

Oli: Do you focus on political zines, perzines or Jim Jarmusch style zines? Read more…

Gupter Puncher Issue 16 [Download]

October 5, 2014


You can download the PDF of this issue for free right here –  Gupter Puncher Issue 16

In this issue, if you haven’t picked up a print copy yet, is:

Tyson Bley and Menace High

2 Star Trek poems

Marc Horne vs Shenmue

Paul Mannering saying why he wanted to slaughter babies in ‘Tankbread’

Mario vs Brian Oliu

Mega Man 2

Tomomi Leung in Berlin with Richard Kelly

Ti West vs Beach Sloth

and other stuff

As you can see from the names, some things in this were written by Tyson Bley, Tomomi Leung, Beach Sloth, Brian Oliu, 2 Takes Frakes and Marc Horne

Marc Horne is a shitty TV scriptwriter in LA. He wrote ‘Two Broke Girls’ and ‘Holy fuck, justice, what are you doing here?’ He also wrote Automatic Assassin, published by zizek press.

Brian Oliu is a guy from Alabama who wrote a book about Nintendo games. Look it up. He also likes WWE Raw.

Beach Sloth writes very short poems and flies the flag for alt-lit.

2 Takes Frakes is a guy I found on a star trek forum who is a decent writer, wrote the 2 trek poems and probably existed before I found him.

Tomomi Leung is an actress who never seems to get any parts.

Tyson Bley is an ‘anti-universal translator’ poet living near Hamburg.

* Next issue will be available probably in January. Maybe.

Good Places to Put Zines in New Zealand [No.1] – Black Star Books

September 26, 2014


Name: Black Star Books

Where? Dunedin, New Zealand

What kind of zines? Anarchist, feminist, perzines, Xena fan fiction

Doesn’t NZ only have around 5 million people? Possibly. But you don’t need that many to keep an info shop running.

Do they have a life-size replica of Lucy Lawless next to the counter? Nope, not that kind of shop.


[This is one of those places I’ve never been to, but I heard about it from others so I e-mailed Black Star and asked some questions…]

Oli: Most small book shops in Hong Kong look pretty bleak. Zine stores and info-shops in general, too. Your place is the opposite. Why so colourful?

Black Star: Colours are rad.

Oli: You use the name ‘Black Star Books Collective.’ Does it have anything to do with science-fiction?

Black Star: Nope… we are a collective which strives to operate along anarchist principles such as anti-authoritarian consensus decision making processes and other fun things like that  A black star is an anarchist symbol…

Oli: Wikipedia says Dunedin has 127,000 people. Not tiny, but not huge either. Is it a struggle to get people into your shop? Read more…

Gupter Puncher Issue 16 around Hong Kong

September 21, 2014


Here’s the numbers so far:

1000 zines total

500 to the post office and various places around the world

100 still in the box

and 400 distributed in Hong Kong because I live here and it’s not the cultural void that everyone says it is.

Here’s where I put them [the international ones will come up in the next few weeks] so if you’re in HK, go to one of these places and pick one up.


I’ve always said this place needs a decent designer to come in and sort it out, but it’s got a decent selection of books, mostly philosophy and politics, so I’m not exactly sure why they take our zine, but they always do. Maybe cos it’s free.

KONZEPP, Sheung Wan


It’s got a funky yellow entrance and lots of stuff that’s completely non-zine related, but it seems to be a popular place in HK. Their FB page has something like 180,000 likes, which means they either have a lot of friends or there are 180,000 people in HK who like the shop.  Read more…

Gupter Puncher Issue 16

September 15, 2014

gupter 16 cover 5


After a year of doing nothing zine-wise, we’ve woken up and made a new one.


Issue: 16

No. of pages: 56

Cover image: our own version of the menu screen from Mega Man 2 [see above]

Print run: 1,000

That’s a lot to get rid of, so if you’re interested in spreading some around for us, send us an e-mail and we’ll mail you some.

We’d really like to have a crack at South America this time as we’ve never put any zines there…if you’re in Chile, Brazil or Argentina or anywhere really, let us know…

Man, even if you’re in Hull or Lands End, let us know, we’ll send almost anywhere…

What’s in the zine this issue?

Better stuff than last time.


Tomomi Leung in Berlin making a film with Richard Kelly called ‘The Sucking’

Marc Horne and Japanese revenge Read more…

Good Places to put zines around Europe [Zines of the Zone Special]

September 10, 2014


Place: Zines of the Zone [not a place, but a travelling zine tour around Europe]

How do they travel? Slowly. In the Mystery Machine.

Is Chevy Chase with them? Nope.

Beverly D’Angelo? Nope.

Rusty? Yes.


Note: I haven’t been to one of their events because I live in Hong Kong, so this interview was done mid-distance in Tehran, with all of us wearing ‘Argo’ beards, even Julie.


Oli: You’re taking zines all around Europe…will you be visiting every country [even Ukraine]?

Julie HASCOËT & Guillaume THIRIET: We really wish to explore every country – and not only in Europe.

From January to July 2014, we organized a tour across Europe and stopped in about 30 countries / 60 cities. There are still a few European countries that we did not / or could not visit (for one reason or another), and Ukraine was one of these countries.

We really wish to organize a trip around Belarus / Ukraine / and Russia in the future. We have contacts (in both the 3 countries) that are excited about this idea, and who wish to help us organize a new tour.

Julie: We would love to discover every different zine scene from all over the planet. If there is no zine scene, our aim is to share our collection with local people, and maybe open new perspectives for them to create, self-publish, experiment. In Ukraine, for example, there is a very interesting photographic scene, but (if we refer, for example, to this interview about young Ukrainian photographers – published by Miniclick:, it appears that the zine scene in Ukraine is not that developed – and it could be very interesting for us to collaborate with local structure, photographers and people.

Oli: When I put zines somewhere, I usually focus on the capital cities first. In your experience so far, is this the best tactic, or is it better to aim for smaller cities/towns/fields? Read more…


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