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NEWS: Gyllenhall on SOURCE CODE: His love for director Duncan Jones, and punching Michelle Monaghan in the face.

March 25, 2011


Over on this other site, they’ve put up an interview with ‘not really that great looking’ Jake Gyllenhall, where he talks about his role in new Sci-fi thing Source Code. If you’ve never heard of it, allow us to delineate:

‘Man wakes up on train. Eight seconds later it explodes. He wakes up in a pod with the woman from The Departed telling him he’s got to go back and stop the explosion. He wakes up again on the train. Says ‘hey’ to Michelle Monaghan and blows up again. The same eight seconds are played over and over and over until the man falls in love with Monaghan and…well, no one’s really sure if you can stop a train exploding in eight seconds, but a film’s gotta end.’

So that’s the film and, from what we can tell from this interview, it’s pretty decent. The director of Moon, Duncan Jones, is in it up to his elbows, and Jake plays the hero on the train. If you don’t have time to read the whole interview, here are the best parts:

– Jake reveals how in one scene he was told to punch Monaghan on the shoulder. But it was 6am and he hadn’t really woken up yet so he misaimed and hit her square in the face. ‘It’s early, I don’t know where I am…shit happens, man. She took it like a pro.’

– Duncan Jones didn’t come to this film easily. ‘I had to chase him around a bit and pretend the script was something else,’ says Jake. ‘But he’s quite weak-willed, so yeah…I got him eventually.’

-Originally, claims Jake, each scene was supposed to be eight minutes, not eight seconds. ‘But we all felt that stretching it out that far…y’know, it might become tedious for the audience. It’s modern film, right, not Tarkovsky.’

– By the end of filming Gyllenhall felt the train was ‘like a brother.’

– And something about his last film Love and other drugs: ‘All that nudity, that wasn’t me. I mean, sure, it was my body, but it wasn’t my idea. Wasn’t Anne’s either. No, that was all down to Ed [Zwick, director]. The guy’s a sleaze. I’ve never seen a man hold a camera so close to…y’know. He was practically the bed.’

Source Code is out in cinemas next week sometime.

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  1. Salila permalink
    March 25, 2011 6:21 pm

    Long live the sleaze, Ed Zwick!

  2. March 26, 2011 11:44 am

    This is obviously just Jake’s version of events. We’ll sit back and wait for Hathaway to confirm.

    But if this is true…what should happen to art-house directors in the future? Ang Lee and ‘Lust, Caution’…can he justify all that sex? Or did he just see Tang Wei at a party and think, ‘man, I wanna watch her having sex’?

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