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NEWS: Director of ‘Slither’ makes another semi-realistic superhero movie

April 5, 2011


And we don’t mean he’s made others. We mean others have been made…

Kick Ass

The kid who fights back in a green costume side by side with an 11 year old who is from no kind of reality I’ve ever known. Entertaining, but made no sense.


Bizzare superhero flick with Woody Harrelson as a simpleton who fights crime without any powers at all. And he has stupid weapons too. But somehow it almost works. The part where the girl gets kidnapped and the bad guys send Woody a note that says ‘Talk and she dies’ and he doesn’t speak for the next ten minutes of the film. It’s better when you see it as it’s not explained explicitly and you’re not sure what’s wrong with him at first, but then…ah, the note.

Green Hornet

I thought this was decent. Rogen doesn’t have a clue how to fight and when he puts Kato’s face into the table-football players and says, ‘you like that, huh?’, it pretty much sums up the whole film.

And now we have Super by James Gunn. Far as i can see it’s got some guy I’ve never heard of as the lead [Rainn Wilson] as well as Ellen Page as his sidekick and Liv Tyler as the ex-girlfriend who he wants to sleep with again.

Can this be good?

Yes. It’s James Gunn. And Nathan Fillion’s in it. And it’s supposed to be dark and violent…one scene has the lead guy trying to force himself on a pretty girl he’s rescued…well, it doesn’t, but if a superhero film’s gonna be dark and violent then that’s the kind of scene it should have…though it might have problems making the lead guy likeable.

Anyway, it’s still gonna be good. Look out for it at a cinema [or straight to DVD shelf] and go see it. Help films like this survive.

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  1. Looby permalink
    April 5, 2011 5:37 pm

    I’ll go and see this for Nathan Fillion. It’s shameful the way Hollywood’s ignored him and I really hope he makes them regret it.

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