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NEWS: Drew Barrymore/Michael Cera make DR ZINE – but is it still INDIE?

April 7, 2011


Over on the Broken Pencil site they’ve got a piece about an upcoming movie called Dr Zine.

Actually, it could be an April Fools piece, we’re not sure. But let’s pretend it’s real. What are the details?

Plot: Michael Cera with a different name is doing well at college but his parents [Drew Barrymore and Mark Ruffalo, who is reportedly stepping in for injured Ed Norton] are DIY indie types and they want him to drop out and make a zine about a famous rock band called Metric. Will he do it? Will he feel uneasy about the choice and mutter something caustic?

Drew Barrymore will star, produce, direct and make the salads. Is she indie in any way? Doesn’t seem likely, but she’s an actress so maybe she can fake it.

The budget will be close to $50 million. Most of this will go on the cameo salaries, as pretty much everyone in Hollywood wants to seem “indie” and get a shit load of cash for it so they can re-fuel their “indie” jet and buy a more “indie” mansion and…

What else?

Once you’re huge, can you ever be indie again?

No, you cannot. It pisses people off. Michael Cera seems to piss people off too, but it’s not his fault. He’s doing what he does until people stop paying him to do it. A bit like Sean William Scott. Cera will probably go the same way soon enough.

Can Mark Ruffalo be indie?

Maybe, if he wasn’t doing that Avengers thing. Actually, no, he can’t. He makes too much money and doing the Clooney thing of ‘one for them, one for you,’ is not indie either. Indie is when you have no choice, and when you really really want to be at the same level as Ruffalo and Clooney but can’t because you just don’t have the…I don’t know, luck? Talent? Usually one of the two.

Do indies really wanna ditch indie and become like Clooney?

Maybe. Hard to know until you’re tested.

Anything else?

That Scott Pilgrim film is gonna be the new Howard the Duck according to Mark Kermode.

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  1. Looby permalink
    April 7, 2011 4:59 pm

    Only Drew Barrymore or Michael Cera could argue they were still indie with a straight face. Because in reality it just isn’t so.

  2. SpocksBrain permalink
    April 7, 2011 5:06 pm

    Nice contrast of Cera in his ridiculously flash car and a shitty zine store. Don’t think anyone needs to see him with his shirt off though.

    The whole ‘what is, what isn’t indie’ thing, is it still up for debate? Really? I mean, come on, when you start taking pics for the likes of Vanity Fair and get your ass chased around Beverly Hills by the paps, it’s not really down and dirty anymore, is it?

    I did like Scott Pilgrim though…but only a clown would call that indie. Kick Ass on the other hand – no studio money behind it – could we call that an indie? Wow, i think i’ve just re-opened the debate.

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