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How to talk about Zizek Press with your child – Day 1: “Tokyo Zero”

June 6, 2011

Have you ever heard of Japan? It’s a country far away from here? Would you like to go there? You probably wouldn’t want to kill anyone would you?


That’s right. You wouldn’t.

You’d buy a pokeyman? That sounds nice.

But there are some people who would like to have Japan like the old days? Have you ever seen the old days of Japan? Yes, it was a bit like Avatar, the last Hairbender. Well, they’d like to have that back and so they want to gas many, many people. And they need this Englishman to help them.

No, he is not a bad man. He wants to stop them. Well, kind of. His Mommy died very sadly in a special Camp in Cambodia so he wants to put his special computer in people to make them nice.

Yes, everyone will be nice in the end.

And he goes on a boat! And drives a car so fast that it goes BOOM!

You would never do that, would you?

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