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REVIEW: Cars 2 [Spoiler Alert!]

June 17, 2011


Dir. Animator

Starring: Red car, French police cars, heroin-smuggling car

If you’re making a sequel, you should look to the best.

That’s what these guys have done. There’s no re-tread of the original here, even though I never saw it. No, what they’ve done is looked back at other great sequels and lifted the basic story of one of the greatest.

‘The French Connection 2’.

So it starts with the red car sailing to France and looking for a heroin smuggler. When he gets there he feels out of place because he can’t speak French, and when he tries to find the bad guy, he ends up in a warehouse being injected with heroin.

This is a bold move from the director and everyone involved. Some parents and kids might find the subject matter disturbing, but the animation is spectacular, especially the detail they capture on the red car’s bonnet as the drug takes its hold. The lights become blank, the tyres gaunt and pale, and the paint turns a kind of sickly yellow.

The best scenes are when the red car is forced to go cold turkey by the French police car. They do a kind of montage, and the animation is very surreal as we’re put inside the mind’s eye of the druggie. Kinda like an animated ‘Trainspotting’ or that American movie where the guy’s arm falls off.

The action scenes don’t disappoint either. The last twenty minutes go at breakneck speed as the red car chases the bad car, and most of Marseille gets trashed.

Not sure how the red car picks up the gun though. It seems to be floating next to his wing mirror as he shoots. But it’s a small complaint, really.

Bring on Cars 3!


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