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New Releases from Zizek Authors

July 12, 2011


More details….

Stray Dog by Stavrogin

Stray Dog

Stray Dog

‘Like The Talented Mr Ripley, only with a main character far stranger, far creepier…’ Gupter Puncher Magazine

Roland and Aya are on a winter trip across Europe, starting in Bucharest, ending in Spain. He doesn’t know what he is doing with his life, she wants him to go back to college. Middle ground doesn’t seem to exist.

In Budapest they meet Tony and Sanida. They don’t all get along, but Tony takes command and decides they shall travel the rest of the trip together.

But there’s a problem…

Tony doesn’t like liars.

And, with other travellers disappearing and Tony becoming stranger and stranger, it soon becomes clear that not everyone is going to make it to Spain.

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  1. Stavrogin permalink
    July 13, 2011 4:30 pm

    The two best covers in town.

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