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Is Worf [Son of Mogh] hard to talk to?

July 31, 2011


This ain’t literature, but it’s worth it…



Son of Mogh [and Moghetta?]

Father of the first tiny Kling-on.

[Almost] non-talker.

Aims for fifty words a day, no higher.

Aggressively anti-social, Worf doesn’t even live on the station anymore. Instead, he hides beneath the Captain’s chair on the USS Defiant, listening to Kling-on opera, chewing his nails, hoping to God the repair crew don’t turn and see him.

When alone, he looks at the floor.

Or reads 20th Century author, Ralph Ellison.

If someone he knows approaches him, he’ll walk the other way.

If they follow, he’ll run.

If they run, he’ll panic.

If he’s in the bar and one of the main characters asks to sit down next to him, he’ll let them lead the talk.

If they get stuck, he’ll watch them drown.

If it’s the Ferengi, he’ll say, ‘YOU are a Fe-REN-gi, you are withOUT honour.’

When fighting, Worf is an animal. A very slow animal, with only one reaction per fight. He can block a punch, but if the opponent blocks back then he’s fucked.

He drinks prune juice to suffer.

Allows holo-monsters to cut him so he can feel pain.

Cuts others to feel a little more.

Psychologically, there is nothing wrong with him. He just doesn’t have any interests other than honour and killing, and battles where everyone died.

At the end of every conversation, Worf will become aware he’s just been in a scene, and will look down before looking at whichever character is walking away, as if realising or regretting something big. This is called meta-Worf.

His rigidness can be explained by the meta-ness.

At some point in the show, Worf realised the meta-nature of himself and in turn realised he couldn’t be killed. He was obviously too popular, even if he could not understand why. All he did was growl and hide under the Captain’s chair.

Today never seems to be a good day to die.

Because he can’t. He says the line because he knows he is eternal. Other characters are unaware of this and always act impressed when he says it. How come he wants to die so bad, but I don’t?

Whoever’s in charge of the Kling-ons, watch your back. Worf will get you eventually.

He can last five years of peace time before getting tetchy.

The Romulans always call him a dog, and he doesn’t like it. Who do they think they are, those damn Romulans?

Their Warbirds look like shit.

Worf is obsessed with boundaries. When the cameras stop, there is no set…only the station.

He doesn’t give a shit about the galaxy, he just wants to fight.

There is no station, only kill.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 31, 2011 4:04 pm

    So much fun in so liittle space. Like Worf, you are pithy Mr. Johns

  2. A former fan permalink
    July 31, 2011 5:35 pm

    Kravitz, Trent Derby, now Worf. I am seeing a tens and I don’t like it.

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