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Prairie Passion

August 9, 2011

Prairie Passion

by Zasulich

from Zizek Press’s new YA Inspirational Pararomancerotica line. Coming
out in 2015! Maybe!

Prairie Passion

The Oregon Trail. 1851. A tumbleweed crosses the unblinking horizon.
Endless dust eddies swirl in foreign territories–Land of the People
of the Wind, Land of the Flat Water, the Gem of the Mountains.

Essie, the free spirited daughter of Oren Valentine, at the tender age
of seventeen, is one of the only women on the wagon train her father
leads into the unsettled West. The sole strength of her father after
her mother’s passing, she keeps not only her father, but the rest of
the pioneers going through tough times–forging impossible rivers,
battling fatigue, cholera and diminishing food resources.

But in the dark mountains of Idaho, Essie and her fellow travellers
face something they never expected. A soft snow turns into a blizzard
as darkness descends, trapping them in the mountains. As the flurry of
white obscures all, Essie is kidnapped by an ancient Native American
tribe, the last of their kind, living hidden in the mountains for
centuries as they always have and always will . . . for their kind
hold a deadly secret which some see as a blessing, others, a curse.

They are the Undead of Ancient Idaho. Living off of the blood of others.


Trapped in the hostile world of the Sinoway tribe as the blizzard
rages, Essie must answer for the invasion of her kind. But as she is
held captive, bereft at being separated from her father and friends,
she catches the eye of the Chief’s son, a handsome warrior Prince with
eyes like obsidian. But their clandestine meetings are soon found out
and forbidden–unless she joins their kind . . .


Will she keep true love, or will she return to her family to possibly
die of dysentery?

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  1. Stavrogin permalink
    August 11, 2011 11:29 am

    This is exactly the same as Michelle Williams vehicle ‘Meek’s Cutoff’. The first three words of it anyway.

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