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The Miniaturization of Jorge Luis Borges

September 7, 2011

(or The Minotaurization of Jorge Luis Borges)

In Argentina, a blind man read a lot of books and then wrote a lot of books about books that he didn’t write.

Outside Argentina, people started to read his books and then thought ‘oh I get it’ and stopped and started writing about those books.

You can bet they didn’t write about homoerotic gaucho knife fights, although that would have been the most appropriate response.

Instead they wrote about a few easily removable concepts: robust goldfish that could be carried from the pond in a plastic bag.

The one that survived best was about a library with an infinite number of books that was TOTALLY THE UNIVERSE!

Despite his massive efforts at miniaturization, he was born too soon to fully disappear.

@minotaurdude: in an infinite library all books exist. #TOTALLYTHEUNIVERSE!

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  1. September 8, 2011 8:36 pm

    THE TIGER IS IN THE LIBRARY! I wrote somewhere, somewhere lost on the internet, that we are the tiger.

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