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September 20, 2011

In 2101 an itinerant so-called psychic started to notice that his clairvoyance was strongest when he visited sites of mass-murder and genocide. This would all have been ignored if he had not been married to a highly tolerant quantum physicist. She took measurements for him and found that indeed, there were unusually high levels of quantum tunneling in that area.

Governments got wind of this. Corporations too, more importantly. Sadly it was proven that human trauma creates holes in space. Genocide-level events create holes big enough to fly through. Every place on earth that had ever witnessed a genocide became a gleaming spaceport. The more focused the genocide the better. The Auschwitz Autobahn led to a beautiful sector of the galaxy that was loaded with human-friendly stars and strong trade winds.

Once the galactic empire got going, and once all this “government” and “corporation” shit got finally merged, thankfully massive wars broke out on the occupied planets. In a dark room… actually the lights were on in this room and there were bagels and flowers… actually it had an amazing view… actually hookers brought the bagels… in this room, plans were made for concentration bombs. These bombs were dropped from the abstract heights of space onto a warring army trying to hold a muddy field. The bomb would explode overhead and shoot millions of micro bullets that would pierce armor and inject the men with tailor made hallucinogens. The soldiers would quietly start to ramble across the fields and gather close together. In their minds they were in a hellish death camp, tortured, starved, their children farmed. The months of their minds passed. Old friends became unrecognizable, or rather indistinguishable; they all had the same skullface. The tortures were unimaginable, or no… we can all imagine them. We could all sit on a bench with a pencil for thirty minutes and design them.

And then about 30 objective minutes after the hallucinations began, the second phase of the bomb arrive. A conventional explosive that killed all the soldiers and ripped open space. Then engineers would descend and get to work folding space back, pinning its skin back, making sure the blackwarp stayed open and mapping where it went and if it was somewhere their lords and masters would like to go to. These engineers had signed papers when they got their jobs to be pre-emptively driven insane and see which ones could still do engineering work with their minds wasted. Back up copies of their minds were kept by the sultan who hired them, but the small print was that a restoration had never been successfully achieved.

So these lunatics got to work. They slavered, chattered and usually one of them killed one of the other ones, but they got those damn holes open. Soon, the galaxy was a web. Along the web moved the treasure you can get when you are willing and able to crack small planets open like walnuts and drain them.

Massive wealth, slavery of the mind and body, the flight from Earth. Ships that sailed through genocidal seas.

People would plan a trip on these black seas and when they got there they would drink cocktails and dance the lambada. They would do their duty, do their work, raise their kids. Honeymooning on proof that the mind is the substance of things. That all of this dirt and hate is our responsibility. The universe is composed of the same substance as our pain.

From AUTOMATIC ASSASSIN, available now. This is the darkest and I guess maybe the best ‘bit’ but there’s a lot more good stuff in there too. See some reviews here.

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  1. Stavrogin permalink
    September 21, 2011 2:40 pm

    Great concept.

  2. October 3, 2011 7:47 pm

    I loved the blackwarps. I partly couldn’t believe anyone hadn’t thought of it before, and I partly couldn’t believe that someone had thought of it at all.

  3. October 3, 2011 8:13 pm

    that was me qrg, the dorky one by the way the last comment.

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