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Good places to put zines in Hong Kong [No.2] – Phonograph

October 2, 2011


Where: Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

Type of place: Bar which lets you plug your i-pod into the sound system and play your own music [on quiet nights].

It exists in almost total darkness. The doors open out onto the street and the bar itself is quite small, so you’ll be sitting near the pavement. The other bars on the street are awful.

Somehow this place works. More than works, it’s probably the best bar in Hong Kong. Well, the best for relaxing and talking to decent people and not playing that fucking dice game.

The decor isn’t anything amazing, but it’s so dark that you can’t really see it anyway. It probably looks like shit during the day, but it doesn’t open until 9pm so that’s not a problem. Actually, the opening times vary…the manager, Angel, starts whenever she turns up, and I don’t think she wakes up till sometime around 8pm. She’s a creature of the night…but not really a creature, more like a Klingon. [The drinking/talking/laughing side of the Klingons anyway…I don’t think she wants to die in battle]

She’s also part French.

One time I delivered the zines and there was no one there except her…she was sitting on one of the couches, smoking something and reading Simone De Beauvoir. That’s pretty rare in Hong Kong.

Unless she was pretending to read it…waiting until someone came, so she could…

No, that’s unfair. She was reading it. She even tried to explain some of it to me in her second language, which is more than I can do.


A lot of artists and creative people drink at Phonograph, so it’s the kind of place you can leave a zine and it’ll get picked up. Some might even say they like it.

How to get there: It’s hard to explain. The best way is probably to take Exit B from TST station, walk up to the Miramar shopping mall, turn right, walk along that road until  you reach a little roundabout, and then turn right down the small street that should be Austin Avenue. Phonograph will be the only decent bar there, impossible to miss.

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  1. FunBobby permalink
    October 2, 2011 2:05 pm

    I’ve found this place too. ‘Tis excellent, especially on weeknights when there aren’t so many people taking up the comfy seats.

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