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Good places to put zines in Hong Kong [No.3] – Culture Club

October 17, 2011

 Everybody enjoys a lot in the wine tasting!

Where? Elgin St, Soho

Type of place: Not sure. It looks like a guy’s living room, with a bar at the end that has coffee, tea and an owner called Lennon.


Culture Club isn’t a great name for a place. Culture is a difficult word as you can use it without explaining a thing. And Club has been used for too many bad things. Mickey Mouse Club [I think Ryan Gosling was in this when he was a kid]. Clubber Lang. Yacht club. The fucking Fringe Club.

Oh yeah, the Boy George thing too.

But this place is actually quite decent. The sign isn’t huge so you go in based on the look of the place, and not because it has that name. There aren’t many seats, but I think most people stand up anyway. The seats they do have are couches.

What else?

They have movie nights, which are pretty common in most places now. The Alibi in London has a good one every monday night, and the XXX Gallery in Sheung Wan somehow showed ‘Drive’ with the Mickey Mouse Club’s Ryan Gosling before it was released in HK, and ignoring QRG’s passionate 10 reasons not to see it.

There are also magazines and fliers on the floor as you walk in. Not really zines, as HK has no zine culture whatsoever [unless it’s hidden very well], but it looks organised messy. They also have exhibitions sometimes, usually of European people we’ve never heard of. Does this mean those paintings are good? Don’t know, maybe. The last guy showing his stuff was Dutch, and Raymond Carver and John Cusack and Dirk Kuyt are part Dutch, so…

The owner is a decent guy too. He’s never said no to Zizek Press or the Gupter zine, so if you have a zine of your own then this is one of the few places in HK where it’d be welcome.

How to get there? Go up the mid-levels escalator until you get to the street with a bar called Stauntons in front of you. Turn right and walk along the road until you get to a small, shitty-looking bar on the right and turn down the street/hill just past it and Culture Club will be halfway down on the left.

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  1. Tad permalink
    October 17, 2011 11:35 am

    The photo on the left gives it that ‘still being renovated’ look. Nice.

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