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Good places to put zines in Hong Kong [No. 4] – People’s Recreation Community Cafe

October 30, 2011


Where? Causeway Bay

Type of place: Book-cafe


In the tradition of most decent places in Hong Kong, this place is hard to find. If you’ve heard of Coffee Corridor then you might bump into this one by accident [They’re practically next door to each other…Coffee Corridor is the next entrance along].

The place is small, probably about the same size as Jonathan Pryce’s office in ‘Brazil’. Well, maybe not that tight…if you took all the books out, maybe it’d look normal size. But as it is, if you go on a busy day then you’re gonna have a hard time finding space.

Never mind. A busy book-cafe isn’t a bad thing. It’s good that people in Hong Kong are reading.

Actually, it’s mostly people from the mainland who come here. You see, they can’t buy books about their political system/leaders where they come from, so they have to come to HK, find this book-cafe, buy as many polemics as they can carry then hope they get back through the customs line in Shenzhen.

Is it hard to get books through Chinese customs?

ME: Can they get the books back over the border?

MANAGER: 75% can. They’re willing to take the risk.

ME: Will they get shot if they get caught?

MANAGER: Wow, where do you get your information on China? No, they won’t get shot, they just won’t be able to read the books they paid for.

What else?

The English section is quite small, and is nowhere near as well-stocked as the Chinese section [which is the rest of the shop]. But that’s about to change as Zizek Press puts its first three zine novels on its shelves.

Also, it’s quite a relaxing place to visit. Just downstairs and outside is Times Square and about a million people standing around getting in each other’s way, so it’s good to be able to escape up a nearby stairwell and into a decent book-cafe. And the design of the place is a whole lot better than the green carpet and bare walls of HK Reader in Mong Kok.

How to get there: Get off at Causeway Bay MTR and take the two hour walk to Exit A. This will put you outside Times Square. Don’t go in there, it’s shit. Instead, cross the road where all the taxis are, walk left a little, and keep an eye out for a big sign with Mao on it. Go up the stairwell and through the door on the 2/F.

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  1. Splinter permalink
    October 31, 2011 11:01 am

    I’ve been to this place. You’re right, it’s pretty cool, though it’s almost impossible to move in there on a Saturday.

    If you want to have my opinion on a good place for zines, try Club 71, or Kapok maybe. They seem to do similar kinds of things.

    • Stavrogin permalink
      October 31, 2011 4:20 pm

      Club 71 is okay. Kapok has a decent/friendly owner, but I’m not sure they’re really focused on zines or DIY stuff.

      The places I’m listing every couple of weeks are, in my Gupter distributing experience, the most welcoming places to put a zine in HK.

  2. D Woving permalink
    March 16, 2014 5:37 am

    真讓我失望!! 銅鑼灣的人民公社不是太好的。您可以在香港所有的書店都買到他們的書。他們不會給折扣。其他的書店會提供折扣。服務也很不禮貌的。他們不提供收據。如果你想買在中國買不到的書,你可以去到香港任何一家書店。例如,http://www.jointpublishing.com有一個大範圍的書籍,在香港有很多商店。圖書是由8.5以上的折扣。銅鑼灣的最近的商店是灣仔莊士敦道141號(港鐵灣仔站A3出口)

    真让我失望!! 铜锣湾的人民公社不是很好的。您可以在香港所有的书店都买他们的书。他们不会给折扣。其他书店给予折扣。服务非常不礼貌的。他们不提供收据。如果你想买在中国买不到的书,你可以去到香港任何一家书店。例如,http://www.jointpublishing.com有一个大范围的书籍,在香港有许多商店。图书是由8.5以上的折扣。铜锣湾的最近的商店是湾仔庄士敦道141号(港铁湾仔站A3出口)

    The People’s Recreation Community in Russell Street Causeway Bay is overrated. After reading an article in the Atlantic and the FT, I was really looking forward to checking this place out but alas – disappointing!!

    All its books can be bought at a significant discount at any other bookstore in HK. Initially from reading reviews of this place, I thought they had books that were not found elsewhere – not correct! The staff are too busy chatting, eating, and entertaining each other. Service is non-existent, rude and abrupt and it seems like you are imposing on them. The majority of people that go there go to buy milk formula to take back or have sent to China. Receipts are not issued for books bought. Requests for receipts are refused. The place is hard to find.

    Time and effort better spent going to other places to eat/drink. Plenty of great places in HK.

    If you want to buy books not sold or banned in China, go to any bookstore in HK. There are also heaps of those. Eg is highly recommended with a large range of Chinese and English titles, lots of stores around HK – 15% off RRP of all books (some books more). For those who can’t read Chinese (their website is in Chinese), try the shop in Mongkok, 188 L1 Grand Century Place. Follow the signs from Mongkok MTR or Mongkok East MTR. You can also try Commercial Press etc.

    Disclaimer: I don’t work for any bookstores. I don’t live in HK and have no affiliation with any businesses in HK.


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