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Zasulich presents… “Hortense”

November 18, 2011

“Hortense lay pale and small ‘gainst the pillows in the gloomy afternoon light. A small fire crackled in the fireplace cross the room, and Lord Doegnburgh, 4th Earl of Desinhelmstoneshire, known as Sir William and to those of his youth as “Wally”, sat, riding crop in hand, waiting for the flutter of his poor bride’s lashes to alert him that she had woken. At long last she stirred and opened her violet eyes. Yet even in this pale light her cheeks readily filled with hale lustre, warming her ivory skin so she had little convincing to do for her dear Wally to believe readily in her recovery. Tho’, and with great charm, she held his hand and repeated that she was feeling much better, and would be once more upon the grange with him in a fortnight. And, hearing Wally’s hounds scampering in the hall, her eyes lit and she bade him go — go to enjoy the hunt he had long been awaiting.
“In good cheer, Sir William, K.C.B., quit the room, and Hortense held back no longer — in her small, fair, well-built and virginal hand, Hortense let out three small coughs and BURST INTO FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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