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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [A Quiz]

November 22, 2011


Yup, Zizek Press has read the book, seen the films and watched the porn version with Iggy Pop on redtube.

Now to see how much we remember…

Round 1

Match the descriptions to the correct character:

i] Very spoilt and wants her father to buy everything she sees in the factory.

ii] Harassed, tired of life, on the verge of bankruptcy after buying everything his daughter sees.

ii] Work-shy, stays in bed all day, is a man, and has no legs [but does have feet!!]

iii] Creepy-looking, wears purple, terrible human rights record.

iv] Doesn’t like tubes and will probably never go near a river ever again.

v] Chew, chew, chew! Can now be used as a bowling ball.

vi] Has a cool name. You can put him in your pocket.

vii] Shy, inward, no confidence, looks like a wretch; a sex offender’s dream.

 Round 2

Put the events in the correct order:

i] Mike TV turns into a little, little person.

ii] Willy Wonka announces there are five golden tickets.

iii] They ride on the boat along the chocolate river.

iv] Augustus Gloop almost drowns, no one jumps in.

v] Charlie gets the factory.

vi] Violet turns into a blueberry.

vii] Squirrel attack!!

vii] The Oompa Loompas demand minimum wage.

viii] The parents of the kids call the police.

ix] The boat goes into the dark tunnel and Grandpa gets frisky with Mike TV.

Round 3

Which of the following is the story trying to teach us? Clue: There might be more than one answer.

i] Don’t go inside Chocolate factories, they’re very dangerous.

ii] Stop eating chocolate; it leads to factory tours, dark tunnels and child abuse.

iii] Poor people can become rich very easily.

iv] If you’re a good person and accept the system of things then you will be given a chocolate factory eventually.

v] Don’t be selfish, greedy or spoilt.

vi] Family is the most important thing in the world.

vii] Old people are a waste of space and should be made to work and not stay in bed all day.

viii] Beware of sexually ambiguous millionaires in purple jackets!

ix] Don’t make squirrels angry when they outnumber you 12-1.

x] It’s okay to take small, orange people away from everything they’ve ever known and make them work for you without pay.

 Final round

1] How many feet are in the bed in Charlie’s house?

2] What colour are the tickets that aren’t golden?

3] What does Veruca Salt want her daddy to buy her when she enters the factory?

4] How many kids ride on the boat?

5] Is Wonka a nihilist or a bleak-capitalist?

6] Where does Charlie find his golden ticket?

7] Do the Oompa Loompas sing because they want to or because it’s the only thing that gets them through the misery of each day?

Total Score:

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