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Recent profile activity for Member 17658: Tommy Pynch [Thomas Pynchon]

November 22, 2011

Profile views: 12

Who’s interested in me: 2

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Who’s blocked me: 42


New message from Member 09982: Lovebuny

Subject: You cute baby 🙂

Message body: Hi, how are you? 🙂 Where you live in USA? I read you profile and seeming cool, I feel big love to you. Want to be with you. Is it interesting?

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Instant Messenger Chat – between Tommy Pynch and Nikita

NIKITA: Hi, how are you? 🙂

TP: Hi there. It looks like you’re in Space in your pic.

NIKITA: hahahaha

NIKITA: No, no.

TP: Are you?

NIKITA: It is background only.

NIKITA: Of course, I am here in earth.

TP: Oh. I was hoping you were an uberbeing. Mistress of interstellar flight.

NIKITA: Hahahahahah

NIKITA: Where you from?

TP: That old chestnut. Can we skip to the more interesting questions?

NIKITA: American?

NIKITA: Hahahahaha ok. We skip.

TP: If you’re not in Space, where are you?

NIKITA: I live in Hong Kong.


TP: I know Hong Kong pretty well. Actually, I’m visiting there tomorrow.

NIKITA: Really? Cool 🙂

TP: Which part of Hong Kong do you live in?

NIKITA: Tseun Wan.

TP: I don’t know it. Just let me google map.

NIKITA: It is boring place. Nothing to do. Very bored for me.

NIKITA: When you come to Hong Kong?

TP: Ok, found it. Hmm, not too far from my hotel. Maybe I could pay a visit?

NIKITA: Hahahahahaa

TP: Maybe you could show me around Tseun Wan?

NIKITA: You want? I show you, yes 🙂

TP: Great.

TP: Maybe we could have dinner at your place…

TP: Watch a DVD.

TP: Do you like Tarkovsky?

TP: You know, the director. He’s Russian…very good movies…

TP: No?

TP: How about Ben Stiller? Do you like him?

TP: Meet the Parents?

TP: Avatar?

TP: Nikita, I’m losing you…

NIKITA: Sorry was busy.

NIKITA: I don’t cook.

NIKITA: Maybe just show you Tseun Wan and have dinner.

TP: Okay, whatever you say.


TP: Maybe after dinner, we’ll see how we feel.

TP: Is your room-mate talking to you? Is that why you’re busy?

NIKITA: Don’t have room-mate. I live alone.

TP: Oh.

TP: Is it scary?

NIKITA: My alone?

TP: Yup. Do you need a big, strong man to protect you?

NIKITA: Hahahhaha

NIKITA: Have security guard downstairs.

NIKITA: No need for big, strong man haha

TP: Maybe a big, strong man needs you…

TP: Needs you very close to him…

TP: No?

TP: How many guys have you dated from this site?

TP: Any?

NIKITA: No dating, just talk and message.

TP: Oh.

TP: Are you sure?

TP: Have you never met any of them in real life?

TP: Do they try and meet you? Maybe come to your place…?

TP: I think a lot of men on here want sex…

TP: What do you think?

TP: Hello?

TP: Still there?

TP: I guess not.

TP: No dinner tomorrow then?

TP: Okay, Nikita, I’ll be blunt. I wanna see you tomorrow. I wanna have dinner with you and go back to your place, have some fun…

TP: What do you think?

TP: Just a little fun, nothing serious.

TP: Look, it’s okay, really. I know women can’t really say they like sex or one night stands, but you can say it with me. It’s fine. Lots of women have done it before.

TP: I’ve done it before.

TP: I know you’re still reading this, Nikita.

TP: ??

TP: One last chance…

TP: And it’s gone.

TP: Well done, Nikita. You have no idea what you’ve just turned down. Do you have any clue who you’re talking to here?

TP: I’m world famous, you stupid little ant. People search for me, they come to the US and they spend years looking for me. Do you understand this, ant-face? Do you have any fucking idea how big this is?

TP: You have just turned down the greatest thing you’ll never know. And the pathetic thing is, I’m sinking this low. I mean, really? Talking to a fucking nobody, trying to get into her mundane little cunt…

TP: Fuck this.

TP: And fuck you, ant.

TP: Gone.

TP: That was the sound of the greatest writer of his generation vanishing from your tiny, pathetic existence.

Tommy Pynch has closed his message window.

NIKITA: Sorry was busy.

NIKITA: hey you there?

Nikita has closed her message window.

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