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Zine Novels on sale in HK…now!

December 2, 2011

Yup, the zine novels have been birthed and the good news is they don’t look like shit. We were worried that the paper looked a little too white, but if you stare at it for long enough it becomes less so.

Where are they?

They’re in five places all around HK, and will cost you HK$70. If you’re not sure you wanna spend that kind of cash on something with no name behind it then you can read the first 16 pages for free…yeah, we made 16 page zines and put them around HK too.

Are you sure they’re in HK?

Yup, here’s one of them at the People’s Recreation Community Cafe in Causeway Bay:

And here’s both of them together at the Culture Club in Soho:

The other three places are Phonograph [TST], ACO Books [Wan Chai] and Kubrick Cafe [Yau Ma Tei]. We’ll put up some pics of them hanging out there when we next go there…and when we go there with someone who has a camera or a phone on their camera cos we have neither.

We’ll end this with the peak of a man who no longer has a discernible career, but said this one line real good.

‘Never give up, never surrender.’ – Tim Allen

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