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Zizek Press consumes the Jeopardy TV show

January 21, 2012

You ever see that TV show Jeopardy? Ever think it was Out of Touch? Not what the Kids want?

Turns out the Sony execs feel the same way so we got the call at Zizek Towers. We took the call. They got 20 minutes, no more. Our crocodile brains hum on dopamine 20 mins max, then we tune out whining.

But anyway, it was all cool. Money was wired to our account. We went in the thinking room. We did our thing.

PING… gets an email with every question category he needs to make Jeopardy a ‘thing’ again

Tune in March 30th to see which ones were selected for the Zizek Press Jeopardy takeover.

-kinds of smells
-the kind of dreams regular people have that they consider interesting and which are always soso detailed
-kitten words
-Tiny Tim
-goth subcultures
-18th century wig styles (for men)
-menses euphemisms
-types of eye squiggle
-the life and balls of Winston Churchill
-major Maya dieties
-things that rhyme with “Santa Claus”
-My Little Ponies
-shit you do at the grocery store
-things with a collar
-bros or hoes
-inspector fuckin’ gadget
-internet sites that are not porn sites but have porn on them anyway
-Edgar Allan Poe
-inventors of pantyhoses
-the ineffable quintessence of the nutsack
-tupac or 2pac
-men found dead in closets
-ways to sleep
-rivers and what they can do
-why rice is good
-patron saints
-my dog
-your dog
-lawndry (sp?)

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