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Problems with Gupter issue 12 [Potential]

May 30, 2012

People don’t remember Worf or Star Trek

It’s been a few years since it was on TV, and Worf hasn’t been seen since the movie with the Romulan Picard. But there are still re-runs and the internet…aren’t there?

Tomomi’s report on Sundance 2012

Sundance was 5 months ago. Most of that report is dead now. But…but the Michelle Williams film ‘Take the last waltz [?]’, directed by Sarah Polley, hasn’t been in cinemas yet. Has it?

There should’ve been a real pic of the Monty Python white rabbit.

But there wasn’t. Ah well, the Steve Martin pics before it still look decent.

Steve Martin, modern art?

Where’s he been recently? What’s he been up to? Ten years ago that Steve Martin/Man with 2 brains pic would’ve been at the perfect level of people knowing it but almost forgetting it and then unlocking it and knowing it again. Now it’s just gone.

Lack of pics in some areas

There was a part of the zine where eight pages ran by without a single pic. I think it was the Axel Foley story. Can people wait eight pages to see another pic?

Easy access for homeless

This was a problem in Hong Kong too. The zine is big enough and thick enough to make a little blanket [if you put 6-8 together then it works] or the homeles can sell them at a recycling place. Some places where we dump our stuff are pretty open and the Gupter zine makes a tempting target. Also, a lot of homeless people were born in 1987, which is when Robocop came out, so when they see the bad guy from Robocop on the front cover, they know what it is and they want it. On the plus side, our zines can keep them warm at night or help them to survive another day or buy a fraction of whatever they’re taking nowadays. How to feel about this?

Blade Runner 2

Might get in trouble for writing that – the script is supposed to be locked up somewhere in New York. John Sayles has spies everywhere [and they all look like him too].

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