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Safe House: a poem

June 4, 2012


Poetry is easy. Look!

Safe House: A poem

There’s a safe house.
There is.
Cape Town brick
Ryan bored
Where’s the plot?
Here it is
Denzel hood
Water park
Bullets act
bloody face
In the safe house

Car drunk fire
Star drink fear
Cape Town LIVE
Different, black and
no more safe house

Denzel through the trunk hole
Close up
Gun fire, car swerve, car park.
Faces, feelings?
Pensive Denzel
Angry Ryan
Out of the safe house

Stadium of crowd
Outside, inside and out
Denzel run
Action, sweat
Chop to throat
Ryan down
It’s mercy, viewer
outside the Safe House

Point to head, think.
Silence in Cape Town when there’s no one you love and no one to chase and Denzel is gone and Gleeson is fat and every soul is far, far, farrah-way in towns of no cape.

Cameo friend
Hello, friend
Look, believe,
Denzel’s heart!
But plot
Pol Plot
Bad guys outside then inside then out
Goodbye friend, you were
country-less this time
Though we think
you might have
Costa Rican.
Denzel leap
Ryan drive
Bad guy guns won’t work
outside the safe house

Denzel question
Ryan feign
How’d you find me?
It wasn’t hard
Do you think I’m weak?
Jean Luc Picard
We still in Cape Town?
Nu baka da-dowd

There’s another Safe House
Joel Kellerman inside
Denzel chain
Ryan snap
Glass and blood
Blood and wood
Wood and death
Death and

Gleeson is here
Plot is too
Denzel fall
Ryan crawl
Someone die
In the safe house

Point to head, think
Cape Town is silence when the film crew’s left and the camera’s black and everything’s gone to ground where the ground is red and the red is redder than what it bled

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