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How to write Fan-fiction…

June 9, 2012


A few weeks ago, one of us [me] was bored waiting for the Gupter zines to arrive. I was so bored that I had an idea.

Fan fiction!
But how to write it?
It seems easy. Everything’s set up already. You don’t need to describe locations or characters because it’s already been done.

Example: Star Trek
Captain Picard walked onto the bridge and told Worf to hail something, anything.
Anyone who reads a Star Trek fan fiction piece is gonna know who Picard and Worf are, what they look like, what the bridge looks like, what hailing something means etc.
So all you have to do is think of a story.
Is it hard?
Apparently, there are mistakes that new fan-fic writers make. Here are some of them, the ones I know of:
The Mary Sue story
Writers put themselves into the story and then overshadow the main characters. They even resolve the story sometimes. This is not good. People who like Star Trek don’t wanna read about some guy they don’t know making Picard and Worf and Data look incompetent. Not sure why it’s called Mary Sue.
Happy Endings
Don’t bring a character back to life or get two characters that split up to get back together again. It kills any hope of drama. And means anyone you kill off later will be meaningless as you can just bring them back again.
Most writers fall into this trap. They make the characters say things they would never say. There’s zero restraint and zero credibility. But even when they’re in this trap, the writers don’t care. They stay there, put their fingers in their ears and tell anyone who says their story is unrealistic to go fuck themselves.
Bad writing
97.25% of fan fiction is shit, even the ones with a good concept and a good summary. It’s strange how this happens. They’ve got the brain to think of an interesting idea for a story, they write a good summary…and then the story starts and everything’s different. Like this:
Feeling her shame, Commander Riker pulled her into his chest and stroked her hair softly. ‘I know it’s not easy to hide our feelings, but we must, Deanna.’ He stroked her hair lovingly, knowing he was right. They had denied themselves for so long that it was impossible to start again now, even though he knew that they loved each other so much and would always love each other in this way. ‘Our love is too big to be contained forever, my darling.’

You see?
Actually I think I know why this happens.
They try to write what they think a story should be written like, instead of what comes naturally. I understand this. When I first printed a novel, I tried to make it look like a proper book because that’s what I thought people would expect. Then the next novel, I tried to make it like a cross between a zine and a book. It did not look great.
The next thing I print will be pure zine.
Any other kind of fan-fic?

Yeah, the dirty shit. Some people go too far the other way and get the characters to fuck everyone and everything they see. And not just fuck, there’s usually a lot of domination in there too.
Riker grabbed Troi’s hair and pushed her head against his cock. ‘You like that, Counsellor?’ He ordered her to take it in hand and get sucking. She followed his command like a good little slut. She put it in her mouth and sucked. ‘You like it, don’t you, bitch?’ Riker gripped her hair tighter and pushed her head back and forth, taking away her power and giving it to himself. He was the superior officer and she needed a reminder. ‘Suck it, you fucking tease,’ he said. ‘Suck it like it fucking deserves.’ She sucked. Riker gripped her hair tighter and pushed her head faster. Just as he was about to explode, he pulled out, slapped her with the back of his hand, called her a cunt and came in her eyes.

Actually, this kind of fan-fic rarely gets uploaded anymore. Only on the sites that ask for it.
Where is all the fan fic?
It’s hard to tell. One of the biggest sites I found to put it is They’ve got a few rules to follow, which keeps out the dirty shit, but it’s pretty easy to put a story up there. I did.
Do people read it?

Hard to know. The site seems pretty dead – no-one on the forums, the same few people doing reviews. And it’s not really accurate to call them reviews. It’s mainly just ‘very good story’ or ‘I can’t wait till the next chapter.’
In my mind, it’s better to just put fan fic on your own site. Unless someone can tell me a better site to put it?

Is there a future for fan-fic?

Was there ever? You can’t make money from it, most of it’s shit…there are probably more reasons but I can’t think of them.
But then…if you just wanna write something quick or fuck around a little then it’s always there. Your best strategy? Pick a show or a movie that doesn’t have much of a following [but still has some numbers], you’ll get noticed more.
Don’t pick Star Wars, you’ll get buried.
Best show/movie to pick?

Game of Thrones. It’s not oversaturated yet, and a lot of people think it’s decent. They’re also afraid to write it as it started as a novel and is written by someone who’s pretty good at writing anyway.
Another good one would be Robocop.
Where’s the fan fic I wrote?

I wrote two of them, both about Star Trek. I’ll put them up sometime soon. Maybe get the others at ZP to write some too. We might even look around and put good fan fic we find by other writers on the site too.

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