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Peter Dinklage [Tyrion from ‘Game of Thrones’] thinks about his future career

June 19, 2012


1] Convince GOT producers to split future books into more than two parts. 4-5 could be achievable. Ride this thing till it derails.
2] More fantasy? Talk to agent about Time Bandits rumour, get my name in the hat [if it’s not already in]. [And if it’s not, it fucking well should be.]
3] Commercials for the next 1-2 years. Focus on video games and voiceovers, don’t show face.
4] Somehow…somehow gotta turn the axis of the entire movie industry on its head. If I can make them see little people as genuine people…
They cast a lot of white roles as black nowadays…Idris Elba in Thor, Sam Jackson in Avengers…in theory, it’s possible to do the same for me.
What if Hamlet was smaller than other people?
It’s only strange until it’s not.
Yes, it just needs to happen more often, for consecutive minutes of screen time.
5] Don’t play one note characters. I’m better than that, they know this now.
6] Write my own films?
It’s possible. I can type, I know all about structure. Dialogue’s not a problem. Why not?
Gotta make the most of the next few years.
The reality? It’ll never be this good again, no matter what I do.
7] Fuck the industry, it’ll never change.
8] Conventions?
Patrick Stewart does them, why not me? There’s no shame in it.
9] ??

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