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Good places to put zines in London [no.2] – 56a infoshop

June 25, 2012


What is it? Zine shop
Where? Near Elephant & Castle


We didn’t spend a huge amount of time here, but long enough to know they had a huge amount of zines. A lot of them are political, extremist, anarchist, feminist, all the usual stuff.
What percentage of zines are decent?

Same as anywhere, I guess. About 80% are shit, 18% are decent and 2% are incredible. But it doesn’t really matter because the thing about zines is even the 80% has passion behind it and you know that whoever made it didn’t really think about money, or advertising, they just wanted to make something.
Still, you’re gonna have to spend a few hours in here to find the 2%. We usually ask the person working there to tell us the best ones to save time, but this doesn’t always work as the what they think are the best ones are sometimes shit.

Anything else?
Yeah. This shop doesn’t just like zines, it also loves the community. The shop is shared between the zine shop, an organic fruit and veg store and [outside] a bike repair area, where you can take your broken bike and learn how to fix it yourself for free.
They also hold film showings and reading events, so, that’s a good thing. Like Mookie’s sister from ‘Do the Right Thing’ said, ‘it’s better to do something positive than destroy something you think is negative.’ I think that’s what she said.
How to get there?
It’s tough. Get off at Elephant & Castle, walk down the main road towards another main road then walk straight down a little path that leads to a road with a pub at the end and then turn left, walk past a little park with two benches, some shitty looking grass and no playground, then go out of the park [don’t go through the park] and you’ll see some people working on bikes in front of you. That’s where the zine shop is.

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