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Crime and Punishment and Alec Baldwin

July 28, 2012

Crime and Punishment [a summary]

Moscow, 2214. Rapunzelkin kills a woman with an auto-axe then kills another. He finds a policeman and gloats about it. He shows him his auto-axe. His old University friend visits him. They chat. He meets a woman. They hang out. They talk about and experience poverty. The policeman finds the auto-axe. He puts it in a cupboard with other auto-axes. Rapunzelkin meets a gambling man and runs away to Macau. They game the system. Alec Baldwin watches them on CCTV and says, shit, it has to stop. He takes the gambling man outside and shoots him. Rapunzelkin says ‘so what?’ Alec Baldwin shoots himself. The casino disappears. Macau seems bleak so Rapunzelkin goes back to Moscow. He poses for pictures next to the auto-axe. The policeman wakes up and arrests him. Rapunzelkin sits on a tree stump and feels like shit. The woman joins him. They make love while reading Crime and Punishment. Other prisoners sit nearby and play the guitar. A car pulls up and Virginia Madsen steps out. She kills the woman and takes her place. They do the same scene again, with more nudity. Russia closes early and goes home to watch Baldwin’s funeral on TV.

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  1. LeSheek permalink
    August 3, 2012 5:10 pm

    Virginia Madsen, I’d almost forgotten she existed!

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