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Zizek Suggests: Space Walrus!

August 14, 2012


What do we know about this?

* Remember that Herzog doc, Grizzly Man? This is kind of like that, with walruses instead of Grizzly men.

* The author previously wrote a book called House of Houses. Don’t know what it was about, but great title…

* It’s bizarro [Eraserhead Press] about a Walrus being trained for some kind of space mission. Not sure how much of the story takes place in Space…but there’s some kind of love triangle on Earth [I think], so the walrus will either fight his rival in orbit, or he’ll go into Space to escape the pain of broken love. Or his rival will send him into Space early to get him out of the way. Or there are other walruses in Space and they’re calling to him like psirens. Or Stanley Kubrick has appeared near Jupiter and the walrus has to see what he wants. Actually, as this is a bizarro thing, it’s pretty unlikely any of those are gonna be right.

* Is it closer to Star Trek’s version of Space [crowded] or Silent Running’s [Black desert]? We don’t know…

If you’re interested in buying it or seeing a slightly bigger version of the cover, then go here

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