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Good places to put zines in Copenhagen [No.1] – CMYK kld

June 5, 2013

Name of place: CMYK kld

Where? Norburro

Is there a signed photo of Sally Field above the door? No.


There’s no sign that I could see, and the space inside is tiny. I had to wait for two Americans to get out of the way before I could get to the zines.

Actually, there are 2 spaces for zines. At the side on a shelf [where the Americans were], and in the middle on a chair. It’s not clear if this is some kind of art display, but there were zines on a chair so I picked them up and put them back carefully when I was done.

The staff was decent. Copenhagen has a very high level of English, which is lucky as I can’t say a word in Danish. I know they put a slash through their ‘o’s, but that’s about it.

The zines are the usual mix of shit and decent. It’s the kind of place, like bookartbookshop in London, that specialises in art zines. This means the zines look good, but the content is mostly shit. However, there was one called ‘Monsters and Robots’ that made the whole thing worthwhile.

Monsters & Robots by Deadstock – a catalogue of alien/robot characters in a fictional universe with made up histories linked to each other, just like Game of Thrones. There’s no narrative written with the characters, only their descriptions, which is a pity – the author should think about this.

Marc Horne should think about doing this with Automatic Assassin too…

What else?

There was a zine comic about Clint Eastwood going into a diner and falling asleep. The panels where he was sleeping were blank and then when he woke up, half of the panel was blank and the other half showed him waking up. Nice touch.

What else?

Copenhagen doesn’t have many zine places, far as I could tell, so this entry will probably be the first and last.

I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest place ever, but it’s good enough, so if you have zines, and wanna conquer Denmark, then send them here.

How to get there?

Go to the big cemetery in Norrebro and walk straight through the middle of it. There are trees on either side so you’ll know you’re walking the right way. At the end of the cemetery, cross the road and walk straight down the little road in front of you. I forget the name, but it’s hard to miss. Stay on the left side and somewhere near the end you’ll find CMYK kld. There’s no sign so you have to look through every shop window to make sure. When inside, ask the staff to make sure you’re in the right place, and not a sex shop.

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