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Planet Rasputin at zine stores around the world

June 13, 2013


If you like any of the following:

Red Dwarf

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Blake’s 7

Star Trek 

…then you might like Planet Rasputin. It’s a bit bizarro, a bit early Almodovar, a bit Slovenian…

Here’s the plot:

It’s about seventy-five years in the future and Slovenia is floating above the planet Earth, separate from all the other countries below.
A year before the start of novel, Slovenia was democratic; now it’s run by a tyrant with purple eyes. He dumps Sila, Gasper, the physicist Nakagami and five other dissidents on a [prototype] ship and sends them off into deep Space.
The ship has strict rules: No-one leaves, no talking for more than four hours a day, and no entertainment.
There’s a lot of isolation, green walls, some poster-making and a few deaths.
Then a wormhole.
Remember that episode of Star Trek where an alien on a space station is watching over/protecting a planet of other aliens? This is similar, only the alien on the space station is Rasputin and the aliens on the planet are distant-Russian.
Is Rasputin insane? Is he even there?
Danny Aiello is in it [briefly].

It’s only available as a zine novel, so forget kindle and forget chain bookshops.

You can get a copy [there are 200 total] in the following cities/places:

San Fran




Ratzeberg, Germany


Flying Object


Hong Kong




See the ‘zine novels’ bit on the menu bar for more info…

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