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Bionic Luddite // Tyson Bley

June 20, 2013

* Another piece by anti-universal translator poet, Tyson Bley. Please use the guide from the Zizek analysis a few posts below to understand what he’s on about.


Bionic Luddite


HAL is just a computer in a moldering wall,

a sick marshmallow tit, quirky ambulant proudflesh

thwarting an old mattress. Unclogging HAL’s yolk,

the plunger twitches; a space-nerve vacuuming the

margarine soul of a sore slain in a form of birth control

that separates by picking bare. It’s just the way we

humans will prevail over the machines: our

breathtaking bacon pollutes with its bloody trajectory.

HAL’s treacly entrails’ frowning dump. Our bucktoothed

composite spine teabagging the symbolic insect,

turning tricks in a commercial rather than a slasher.

Underground human augmented with soap on a rope,

holding a greenhouse loftily atop the cataclysm’s

foundation, painted saved, retouched with

ChapStick against the painful, desiccant rinse

of space. Until pimp clot goes bump. 

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