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Good places to put zines somewhere near Boston [No.1] – Flying Object

September 5, 2013

Place: Flying Object

Where? Near Boston

Do they take zines? They might.

Has Mark Wahlberg been there? Yes, twice.

Matt Damon? Yes.

Ted? Dunno.


What is it?

Yeah, looking at this pic, it could be anywhere…

flying ob


But it’s not. It really is Flying Object, the art space run by Guy Pettit somewhere near the East Coast of the US.

Other famous Guys?

Guy Pearce

Guy Fawkes

Guy of Gisbourne

Guy Forget

Guys and Dolls


Flying Object also has its own press: Factory Hollow Press

I’m not sure what kind of stuff they’re looking for, but from what I’ve seen of their site, poetic of lyrical pieces would probably be a good bet.

I could be wrong though…

What else?

I don’t know. I’ve never been there. Maybe I shouldn’t promote somewhere I’ve never been, but they were decent enough to send a pic of our zines in what looks like the store room of their art space, so I thought I’d give them a few words at least.

How to get there: No idea.

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