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Halloween Poem by Tyson Bley

October 30, 2013


Remote controlled

meaty squiggle, ready


for death.



spinal cord


on ice,


occupying dreaming’s

multi-blob prison.

Escaping the synth-fueled circus,





Donnie Darko wallows in

the prism; tap water alters his




Worms burrow

in nostrils, digital-green.

Slime holds euthanasia-tubing


in place.


Wet-flog amphibious




Grapple with a combination

of evil robot whodunit

and neolithic fungus’s inherent


glow sticks.


Unfriend an X-Man.

Ghostly FB search results. 

Rare hopelessness offered by the


tractor beam.


Adult droid showing asshole.

Abducted by aliens.




Sensitive electric ass-acne.






Flying backwards drowns dinosaurs

in a clock’s continuum.

The batting doormats

of ruined eyelids. 


The dancing foreskin monster

merely entangled with the illusion

of a convenience store:

like laughter inside an ATM,

his starship coasts through stringy space.


I am merely a Freddy Krueger

corrupted by a bath,

fog machine syndrome drooping under haunt-



Gaseous D&D fluffing puppy fabric.


A soap opera

of ornamental plague

rained by demon skull.

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