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The History of Vulcan Love Slave

February 19, 2014


What is it?

A Holo-program.

Who designed it?

A Ferengi? A pervert? Someone who’d been rejected by a Vulcan?

What’s the story?

The player/pervert can choose the background setting of his choice. He usually plays a high-ranking person who has to deal with a lower-ranking Vulcan female. At first, they clash, but the pervert uses his superior logic and strength to overpower the Vulcan and make her his love slave.

There are three settings:

1 – Modern, rational, non-violent – this setting emphasises the ‘love’ part of ‘love slave’. The high-ranking pervert asserts his superiority, but doesn’t physically torture the Vulcan. They enter into a relationship, with the Vulcan assuming the more dependent, submissive role.

2 – Modern, but darker – The high-ranking pervert uses force and mental agility to subjugate the Vulcan. She is often portrayed as an enemy, to give validity to the pervert’s use of violence and dirty sex games.

3 – Ancient, dark as night – The high-ranking pervert rapes and tortures the Vulcan and makes her feel like a piece of shit. He even puts her in a medieval Vulcan dungeon, in chains! He wants to dominate all aspects of her and will not tolerate any kind of debate or rebuttal.

*This setting is only available in pirated versions sold by the Orion Syndicate/Quark.

What’s the history behind it?

Vulcan Love Slave was first designed over twenty-three years ago. Actually, that’s when it hit the market. It could’ve been active privately before then, but there’s no evidence to confirm or deny this. But it is probable that whoever designed it wanted to personally fuck a Vulcan.

The first version of the programme received many complaints when it first hit the market, but not from Vulcans. They didn’t seem to care at all. ‘It is merely a holographic perversion. We are not holograms, there is no violation, go and play it as much as you like, we care not.’

The complaints came from the perverts who were using it. Their main gripe was that it was too easy to get the Vulcan love slave into bed. There was no struggle or resistance. How can you truly be a slave if you’ve never been broken?

The second version had the opposite problem: it was too damn hard. No matter what the player/pervert did, the Vulcan would out-argue him. If the pervert tried to use force, the Vulcan would neck bench him and the programme would end.

The third version seemed to correct all flaws. The Vulcan argued a little, but eventually became a love slave.

However there were some perverts who still objected. After careful background checks it was revealed that these perverts spent almost all of their non-sleeping time in the programme, and for them, the subjugation of the Vulcan love slave was the only thing they ever thought about.

The problem?

Apparently, the Vulcan was too Vulcan. Once oppressed, they stayed the same. They did not come to love the pervert, as Stockholm syndrome promised they would. How could the perverts dominate them if they didn’t change their ways?

The fourth version, a special edition for the obsessed, fixed this problem.

The fifth and current version available on the market tweaked the programme slightly, giving the Vulcan love slave long hair and bigger tits.

The consequences of Vulcan Love Slave?

There were some early critics who claimed that such a programme would change the relationship between the perverts who used Vulcan Love Slave and the real Vulcan women they encountered in everyday life. They suggested that there would be an imbalance and that ‘the perverts will see the real Vulcan woman as inferior and nothing more than a potential slave.’

However, the opposite appears to have happened. Recent studies have shown that most perverts who use Vulcan Love Slave at least once a week, have become more reticent and unsure of themselves around real Vulcan women. The reason for this is simple. The constant modifications of the Vulcan character from the programme have ‘de-vulcanised’ the Vulcan female, making her weaker and less formidable, therefore, when a pervert meets a real Vulcan woman, they become ‘ultra-Vulcanised’. All of the traits which the perverts wanted to step on and subjugate seem more indefatigable than before and they are unable to reconcile the two versions, and, ultimately, are forced to retreat into their shells. Or their lairs of perversion.

What can be done about this?

The Vulcans say nothing should be done. The perverts only have themselves to blame, and should find ways to deal with their psychological defects.

The Klingons say they should be shot.

The perverts don’t say anything, not publically as they are unwilling to be known as perverts. But privately, they have suggested that Vulcan women should be made to be more like the Vulcan women in Vulcan Love Slave.

Where can you buy Vulcan Love Slave?

Most Ferengi sell it. Quark’s on DS9 always has a copy, which is strange as it’s a Bajoran/Federation station.



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