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The Bill Murray Poster [+ bio]

March 19, 2014





This was oriniganally…oringinally…originally drawn by Soren Melville as the cover for Issue Seven of the Gupter Puncher zine.

Man, that was four or five years ago now. It still looks pretty damn good.

If you don’t know about the actor Bill Murray, here’s a biography:


Bill Murray was born in Philadelphia in 1902, almost the same year as Wes Anderson [1964]. He joined the Communist party during the sunshine years…made a few leaflets, spoke of ‘foundation pits’, edited important people out of photographs…but renounced his membership while filming ‘Sullivan’s Travels’, where he played a newspaper. In 1989, Murray made Ghostbusters 2, and was so scarred by the experience that he vowed never to work with ghost paintings again. Four years later he met Jim Jarmusch, and together they tried to make a time machine. However, Jarmusch had neither the talent nor the patience for regular physics let alone quantum, and the idea was abandoned. The next five years were spent on the fringes of a Black Hole, where he watched the Disney movie ‘The Black Hole’ on continuous loop, taking breaks only to tell the press there were no such things as black holes. In 2004 Murray returned to Earth and Jarmusch and made a film about coffee and smoking. In his personal life, Murray likes to make postcards and often turns up to student film nights as Billy Murray from ‘The Bill’. 

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