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For A Laugh // Tyson Bley

June 29, 2014


In the ongoing crusade to crusade on behalf of some guy in Germany who we’ve never even met…


for a laugh
harsh soup is laid softly on placemats, dish towels, band posters
cranked from a multi-storey video game
as peak eye-contact with the robot grimes tits
which since God and time were born
levitated in lab coats
(the tits have)
shooting carcasses moving through the metro afterworld
from an inside-out Mazda
dolphin cum turns wine into a jaded, lab-grown flavor
gotten via drainage – for a laugh
in turn derived from an incision in the head
(laughter also happens) at the threat of WEEDS SPROUTING
after shaving my balls in the Transporter Room

abhorrent shaved-looking nano-elephants cloned 360 degrees
the Supreme Lie resembling a driveby urinal-spill
front door hemorrhoids and small-town steam
this cat feels real – when it scalds when it shits
because don’t shit
since when when novelty mugwort thwarts the 3D-printed ghost do I get pissed?
and do pee?
anyway, where’s the shithole on this UFO
at the séance earlier I was prevented from whacking it
dead sac I may not disgustedly high-five apparently!?
and what of the sumptuous tides
of corpse-to-corpse blood transfusion?
this shit is air to the living
but air guitar to the dead
hybrid tongue becomes meatier blade runner
as sand runs form dong-nostril
onto placemats, dish towels, band posters
for a laugh
as mentioned on fortune cookie overleaf
something had infused the spooky vibrator
sticking out non-sticky (but barbed)
(a flopping harassment) sadly gooping in non-shiny butt
Star Trek particle-spray like a mosaic death
curio chic owl foreskin (its blanketing time-travel) (ungh)
lifting Kirk’s breakfast mullet
with a long-nailed Grand Guignol
and because of their Martian metabolism
tomatoes are great heat keepers!
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