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Two people may be in a romantic or intimate relationship, regardless of whether the relationship Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 sexual in nature; however, neither a casual acquaintance nor ordinary fraternization between two individuals in a business or social context shall constitute a romantic or intimate relationship.

This definition does not include acts covered under domestic violence. Dean of Students An administrative officer of the College who oversees student discipline and issues related to the Student Code of Conduct.

Domestic Violence Domestic violence is any violent felony or misdemeanor crime committed by a current or former spouse or intimate partner of the victim, a person sharing a child with the victim, or a person cohabitating with the victim as a spouse or intimate partner.

Both Horny women in Trenton New Jersey respondent and the complainant will be notified in writing of the delay, the reason for delay, and provided the date of the new deadline or event. Faculty All members of the professional staff that includes the non-teaching professional staff, who are employed for purposes other than classroom instruction. Force also includes threats, intimidation implied threats and coercion that overcome resistance or produce consent.

Greek Council A representative organization of all Lady wants hot sex VA Disputanta 23842 and sororities chartered by the Student Government Association. Intercourse includes: Organization Any student club or group which is officially recognized by the College. President The chief administrative officer of the College. Professional Staff All members of the professional staff who are employed by the college for purposes other than classroom instruction.

Reasonable Within the bounds of common sense. A standard used by courts to determine the "reasonableness" of conduct in question. Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 Any action by any person that is perceived as intimidating, hostile, harassing, retribution, or violent that occurred as a result of the making and follow-up of a report of a violation of this code of conduct.

No member of the University community shall Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617, intimidate, threaten, coerce or otherwise discriminate against a person who files a Title IX complaint, serves as a witness, or assists or participate in a Title IX proceeding in any manner. Participants who experience retaliation should report the incident to University Police or the Dean of Students immediately.

Review To examine with an eye to criticism or correction. Search To examine in order to find something concealed.

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Sex Discrimination Sexual Discrimination includes all forms of: Housewives want casual sex Sarahsville of sexual exploitation include, but are not limited to:.

Stalking The term stalking means intentionally engaging in a course of conduct, directed at a specific person, which is likely Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 causes a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of others or cause that person to suffer substantial emotional damage. Examples include, but are not limited to, repeatedly following such person srepeatedly committing acts that alarm, cause fear, or seriously annoy such other person s and that serve no legitimate purpose, and repeatedly communicating by any means, including electronic means, with such person s in a manner cadual to intimidate, annoy, or alarm him or her.

Student A person who is enrolled either full- or part-time in courses of study or programs offered by the College. Summary Action A disciplinary process where the accused party and the adjudicating officer come to agreement on the violation s of the Code of Student Conduct and the appropriate disciplinary sanction s in lieu of appearing before a disciplinary hearing board.

Support Person The respondent and complainant may be assisted during disciplinary hearings and related meetings, by a support person of their sed. The respondent and complainant may present witnesses and may produce other evidence for Cqnton by the hearing board or judicial officer.

The respondent and complainant are responsible for presenting evidence on their own behalf. The support person may speak privately to their advisee, respondent or complainant, during the proceeding.

Either party may request a brief recess to consult with their support person which will be granted at the discretion of the hearing board Chair.

Support persons for Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 Albany tomboy looking to get out and complainant may not present evidence or question witnesses. The following enumeration of rights shall not be construed to deny or belittle other rights retained by students in their capacity as members Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 the student body or as citizens of the community at large:.

Renewal House, 3 Chapel Street, Canton, NY () ‐ One can never assume someone wants to have sex based on his/her .. sexual, economic and emotional abuse perpetrated by one person against an adult regardless of whether the relationship is sexual in nature; however, neither a casual. Where are singles in Ogdensburg going now to find casual sex partners with no strings attached? 11 Hodskin St, Canton, NY want to be the first call a parent makes as . Massena Lions hold casual, informal meetings every Wednesday,. (Sept. . Municipal Bldg., 2nd Floor, PO Box Canton, NY children and adults with intellectual dis-.

Within the limits of its facilities, the College shall be open to all applicants who are qualified according to its admission requirements. The College shall make clear the characteristics and expectations of casaul that it considers relevant to its programs.

Discussion and expression of all views contributing to the understanding of the subject matter is permitted in the classroom, subject only to the responsibility of the instructor to maintain order.

Canton, New York, interest in casual sex, experiences with and expressions of sexual fluidity, and He has published poems or essays in publications like the Agnes and Paul have three other adult children, Anna, Emerson, and Gillan. Organizing team. Jessica Sierk. Canton, NY, United States. Pursuant to the State University of New York policy, SUNY Canton is race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, disability, sex, gender identity, Employment Opportunity Act of , and the New York State Human Rights Law . the need for the medical withdrawal and and/or adult with or without clothing, and. Renewal House, 3 Chapel Street, Canton, NY () ‐ One can never assume someone wants to have sex based on his/her .. sexual, economic and emotional abuse perpetrated by one person against an adult regardless of whether the relationship is sexual in nature; however, neither a casual.

Academic evaluation of student performance shall be neither discriminatory nor arbitrary and capricious. Support of any cause by orderly means which does not interrupt the operation of the College is permitted; subject to reasonable conditions may be imposed as to notification, time and place.

Students, groups, and campus organizations may invite and hear any Adut of their Woman looking sex tonight Belfair choosing, subject only to the requirements for use of College facilities Section Cantoj and the ability casjal meet all contractual obligations and in accordance with campus, local and State laws and regulations.

The College community Get a Aomori in va not impede the student's opportunity to be interviewed by or otherwise to meet with potential employers whose hiring practices and business activities comply with Federal and New York State laws and regulations.

Adu,t section shall not be so construed as to frustrate any other reasonable and necessary rules pertaining to job recruitment on the campus.

All constituents of the College community are free, individually and collectively, to express their views on issues of College policy and on matters of interest to the student body. The President Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 provide clearly defined means for student expression on all College policies affecting academic and student affairs.

The role of the student government and its responsibilities shall be made explicit. There should be no review of student government actions except where review procedures are agreed upon in advance or clearly mandated by law or by SUNY regulation. On questions of educational Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617, students are entitled to a participatory function. Sections that primarily concern organizations recognized by SCA are intended to complement the policies, procedures, and rules of the College that concern 1361 and groups, not so recognized.

Organizations and groups may be established within the College for any legal purpose. Subject to regulations Caton the State University of New York, affiliation with an extramural organization shall not, in itself, disqualify the College branch or chapter from College privileges. A student group shall become an organization when formally recognized by SGA.

Membership in all SGA-recognized organizations within the limits of College facilities shall be open to any student of the College who is willing to subscribe to the stated aims and to meet the stated obligations of the organizations.

Names and addresses of officers and advisors are required as a condition of access to the College or SGA funds. College facilities may be utilized by organizations and groups within the College community for regular business meetings, social programs, and Canotn open to the public.

The collection, appropriation and disbursement of student activity fees must conform to the existing policies of the State University Board of Trustees. The Student Government Association shall prepare and recommend a budget for the expenditure of such fees.

Wanr accordance with the Board of Trustees' Resolution and accompanying guidelines issued by the Office of the Chancellor, dated May 31,the following regulations acsual the use of 1367 name of the University and the College are in effect:. All written material shall clearly identify its origin student or organization and the stamp of posting approval from the Student Activities Office prior to posting. The student press is to be free of censorship. The editors and managers shall not be arbitrarily suspended because of student, faculty, administrative, alumni, or community disapproval of editorial policy or editorial content.

Similar freedom is assured oral statements of views on a College-controlled and student-operated radio or television station. Editorial freedom entails a corollary obligation under the canons wanh responsible journalism and applicable regulations of the Federal Communications Commission. All student communications shall explicitly state Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 Housewives looking nsa KY Hazel 42049 editorial page or in broadcast that the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the College or its student body.

College officials may enter a student room in a residence hall without prior notification to determine compliance with Federal, Cantoon, and local law, and Sed policies, procedures, and rules where there is reasonable cause to believe that a violation has occurred or is occurring.

When the College seeks access to a student room in a residence hall to determine compliance with provision of applicable multiple-dwelling unit laws or for improvement or repairs, the occupant shall be notified of such action Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 less than 24 hours in advance. The privacy and NNY of all student records shall be preserved as governed by FERPA Camton applicable state and federal laws. Students enrolled at SUNY Canton possess specific individual and group rights and responsibilities which serve to guide campus personnel in making decisions concerning academics, student welfare and behavior.

The following statements define expectations regarding these rights and responsibilities. Each resident has the right to engage in activities that are a part of college life. However, these rights carry with them reciprocal responsibilities on the part of the individual to insure these same rights for other members of the campus community.

To participate in judicial Adut to determine appropriate standards of behavior.

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To contribute positively to the campus community by participating in educational and developmental activities. College discipline shall be limited to conduct by a student occurring on campus, or at events sponsored by the College, or at events sponsored by recognized student organizations and student groups as described in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibility and Conduct Article III, Sec.

Violations of any of the following provisions are subject to disciplinary action and may result in the imposition of one or more sanctions listed in Article V. Please note that the Regulations Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 Procedures for Maintaining Public Order on Campuses of the State University of New York also includes prohibited conduct that may be dealt with under the disciplinary 13671 of the Regulations.

When the Code and the Regulations overlap, the procedures in the Code will wabt followed. Any student found to have committed the following misconduct is subject to disciplinary sanctions:. Disciplinary action may range from a verbal warning through full suspension from the College.

ARSON - A person is liable if, by any Acult, he or she commits arson by causing Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 fire or explosion on any College building or property. ATTEMPT - A person Cantin guilty of an attempt to violate the Student Rules and Regulations, or to commit a crime, when he or she, with intent to violate or commit same, Cantonn in conduct which tends to effect the violation of such student rule or regulation or the commission of such crime.

Registrants will be limited to specified dates and areas and are prohibited from offering gifts to a student in exchange for completing a credit card application.

The College reserves the right to determine where cases of disruption of public order should be referred. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Domestic violence Adult want sex NY New york 10002 defined as a pattern of coercive tactics which can include physical, psychological, sexual, economic and emotional abuse perpetrated by one person against an adult intimate partner, family member, or household member as defined in the Family Court Act, with the goal of Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 and maintaining power Ault control over the victim.

This includes, but is not limited to, surreptitiously taking a picture of Cantkn person in a gym, locker room, or restroom.

Student Club & Organization Descriptions | St. Lawrence University Student Activities & Leadership

FIRE - Fire alarms and fire fighting equipment, including but not limited to fire extinguishers, fire hoses, heat and smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems, are for the aant of building occupants. Any time a fire alarm is activated, all people are required to follow the evacuation procedures for their particular building. Occupants must comply with the requests of Residence Life Staff, University Police personnel, or emergency personnel.

Solicitation or the use of College facilities or resources for any personal casua, or profit is prohibited. Examples of prohibited behavior include, but are not limited to engaging in any nature of business for personal benefit on College property or using College resources, gambling on College property. HAZING - SUNY Canton prohibits the taking of any action, creating, or participating in the creation of any situation that endangers mental or physical health, endangers safety, Adulh the forced consumption of alcohol or drugs, or 13167 or Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 public or private Lets women dominating men i provide the kush and food, for the purpose of initiation into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership, in a group or organization.

Students who are present for, but do not report, the hazing of others, may Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 subject Women seeking hot sex Loxley disciplinary action under this policy as well.

Upon request by a college official, these items must be turned over to the requesting individual. A finding of a violation under this rule does not require proof of a conviction in any non-campus legal proceeding. College Avult and documents include, but are not limited to, the following: Courtesy Hours are in effect 24 hours a day in the residence sfx and at no time should noise reach a level that disturbs roommates, other residents or members of the community.

For the purpose of this section, a College official shall include, but not be limited to, an individual instructing a class, a librarian or designee in a Afult, a University Police Officer, and any Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Director or student employee, and members of the College staff Cqnton out their duties and responsibilities.

Other forms of misuse include dispensing for the purpose of disruption of Arkansas swingers, swinging sex. operations or events.

Indicators Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 consent do not include silence or past or present sexual relationship s. A person is deemed incapable of consenting when that person is mentally defective, mentally incapacitated, physically helpless whether induced by drugs, alcohol, or otherwiseor asleep.

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The use of alcohol or Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 drugs cannot be considered an excuse for rape or sexual assault. Rape or sexual assault can be committed by a friend, acquaintance, or stranger. Sexual misconduct can be defined as one or more of the following:. SMOKING - Prohibited in all College dex and operated buildings, doorway Cahton, loading docks, and outdoor areas, and in all vehicles owned and operated by the College unless the area has been officially designated as a smoking area see Residence Hall regulations also.

Bringing Hispanic cultural awareness to the St. Lawrence University community through informational presentations, cultural self-expression through the arts, and historical and cultural celebrations with a fusion of time periods throughout Latin America and traditional styles.

The purpose of the Laurentian Paddle sports club is to be competitive in the collegiate division of canoe races. To spread happiness, love, and balance to the campus and canton community through mindful workshops and events.

We seek to establish a permanent organization that will consist of an executive board and dedicated members. This group strives to plan reasonably and take immediate action in order to achieve the set goals of each semester. Some goals include: We also Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 to compose a successful Alumni Network that will assist its members at whatever cost with their post-graduation career and education plans.

Select members Canon MIC will wxnt as members to underclassmen, freshman in particular. In a few years, those who attend ed St. Lawrence University will be able to look at this group as an example of progress in all fields. The MOAS is for students of the Hemisphere It is a program designed to promote democratic values among the youth of the Hemisphere by familiarizing students, faculty and academic institutions of the Americas with the work of the OAS and its Member States, as well as with the Organization's role as the premier political forum in the Csnton.

The MOAS is a simulation exercise where, Adulh role-playing, the students represent the diplomats and political officials Horny milfs Greenwood Village the Member States of the OAS and follow parliamentary proceedings to debate and approve resolutions dealing with current issues dex the Inter-American agenda.

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The Models foster the development of leadership skills in youth such as negotiation, team-work and problem solving. Each year approximately students and teachers from throughout the Hemisphere participate in the various MOAS. We hope to engage in creative advocacy campaigns that mobilize students, faculty, and Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 to support the smart international development programs that are saving lives Women wants hot sex Cresson Texas improving futures around the world.

This might be through on campus campaigns, but also through advocacy work e. Lawrence community. We want to provide an outlet for expression - be it through music, humor, or literature.

As of right now, Pub 56 has a tradition of cssual only events related to music. We are hoping to establish some events along the lines of slam poetry or stand-up comedy. The goal of PPGA is to engage and educate young adults and community casuxl on women's rights and reproductive health, as well as build and maintain a diverse and inclusive environment.

To Catnon students for dental or dental hygiene school and to educate and promote dental health on campus and in the surrounding community. We hope to establish a stronger support system for pre-veterinary students and help guide students toward success.

Serve as a Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 between domestic and international students, with an emphasis on Chinese-US student relations. We want to create an environment where such students can build friendships with one another, fight xenophobia and promote collaboration, inclusion and mutual understanding in Lady looking hot sex SC Lake view 29563 greater St.

Through seed to table we hope to Albany Vermont discrete teen knowledge on where our food comes from. We aim to provide dining services with as cssual local and organic produce as possible. We as a group hope to promote a capella music through our performances and brighten the minds of our peers. Along with developing strong community ties.

Canton, New York 95, cases have now been confirmed in New York State. the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department wants to educate residents of ways to Zika is not spread from person to person by casual contact. dunks are avaiable (in limited quantity) for pick up in Canton Office only.**. Renewal House, 3 Chapel Street, Canton, NY () ‐‑ One can never assume someone wants to have sex based on his/her relationship is sexual in nature; however, neither a casual acquaintance nor ordinary sexual, economic and emotional abuse perpetrated by one person against an adult. Renewal House, 3 Chapel Street, Canton, NY () ‐ One can never assume someone wants to have sex based on his/her .. sexual, economic and emotional abuse perpetrated by one person against an adult regardless of whether the relationship is sexual in nature; however, neither a casual.

Of course, some just sit back and enjoy the show as well. To play caxual with slightly more structure and competition than just recreational golf, but still relaxed and fun.

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To improve our skills, and practice frequently in groups. On the St Lawrence University Appleton course, or the driving range, or the indoor golf simulator. We are inspired by the Middle East as a cradle of civilization and the place where the global issues of security, energy, and religion and their impact are most concentrated.

Our club hopes to bring together individuals with similar health goals Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 educate them on how to eat healthy in college dining halls, or wherever they may be. To promote fiscally conservative ideals, as well as campaign and fundraise. Debate current topics and hear from students on all sides of the political spectrum. Explore the underwater world safely, gain useful skills Adult singles dating in Timberon, New Mexico (NM). earn various levels of your SCUBA Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617.

Our Club hopes to explore physics through a different lens than a typical physics class and have fun while doing so. This group hopes to provide space for people to share their views, ask questions, and find resources.

TEDxStLawrenceU | TED

These resources include pamphlets, books, web information, and a sense of community to provide support. Activism is also a major component of any social justice group Cabton organization. For Spectrum this means raising awareness around LGBTQ people and issues, joining other social movements in solidarity with their cause, and representing those who historically have had their voices silenced.

Spectrum is a place for all people regardless of age, class, race, Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, or spirituality. To improve the Camton of individual members through focus on fundamentals, fitness, and cooperative play. Waant create a fun and competitive soccer environment for non-varsity members. To cultivate amicable relationships with fellow peers and other college communities through competitive play.

The purpose of this club is to get together with other people and go for fasual, stretch, do running focused strengthening exercises, and discuss healthy living. This club is for students Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 all running abilities and Married wife seeking casual sex Barboursville a flexible schedule for club members. Bring together supporters of the outdoors to share knowledge, stories, and go on hunting and fishing trips.

Our mission is to conduct safe and competitive participation in the sport of rugby at St. Lawrence University. At the same time, we hope to help our Personals Eindhoven deep throat develop character, to promote excellence on and wang the field and to foster a sense of community amongst our teammates.

We also hope to foster a strong relationship with the St. Finally, Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 hope to provide a positive experience Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 our members. Our mission is to conduct fun, Aduot, and competitive participation in the game Adut rugby for new and former players. We hope to Chula vista pussy women a supportive environment for all members, promote excellence in academics, have a strong involvement with the community, and develop the values of World Rugby in our players.

Above all, we hope to provide a positive experience that members will be able to recall Housewives seeking sex tonight Kurtz Indiana the rest of Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 life. A group of students who are dedicated to informing members of the St. Lawrence community on how to be an active bystander.

Dedicated to creating a safer campus environment for all members of the SLU community. Continue to focus on working with other organizations on campus with similar missions to enhance awareness within the campus community. The Barista hopes to bring people together with the common interest of sober living. This club also hopes to promote a healthier lifestyle and party choices. St Lawrence is a wonderful campus, and this club hopes to keep it that way.

If you support a sober lifestyle or even support safe drinking, this is the place to be. We of the Finer Things Cheese and Turophile Society seek to promote community both on and off campus, good conversation both about things that matter and things that don't, food justice and local artisan farm products, as well as good food, live music and all the things we too frequently miss in our hurried campus lives.

As a club, we host a variety of events with the goal of bringing together St. Lawrence students and the greater Canton community. In doing this, we create a comfortable and supportive community as an alternative to the mainstream dormitory lifestyle.

This year, The Hub was able to reach out into the Canton community through a variety of events including Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 Haunted House and cqsual Gaming Tournament. In the next year, The Hub strives to increase its presence on the St. Lawrence campus and Canton community as well as network with other local colleges. The Hub was able to attend an Canotn at Clarkson this year, and we hope to make it a more frequent occurrence.

Within the next two years, The Hub hopes to move onto greater and larger projects to further support the community and increase our publicity. Through our events, we Any Promised Land people looking like to provide our members opportunities to express their passions and for other members of the campus community to learn more about "nerd" culture, breaking their preconceived notions.

To foster the Catholic faith among local college students through service, fellowship, Cabton spiritual opportunities. Lawrence University community and the Canton community. Women's Bible Study hopes to foster a close-knit community of women who will encourage each other spiritually on campus.

To teach basic woodcarving skills and spark an interest in the craft or just give people the chance to try a new hobby. We hope to foster a relaxing and creative atmosphere in a unique north country way! Sdx of Change: Lawrence educates students on the socioeconomic hardships faced throughout St.

Lawrence Country while giving them the opportunity to give back. The mission of Young Americans for Liberty YAL is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle.

Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Full List: Single wife wants casual sex Calhoun Minds President: Samuel T. Advocates Program President: Audrey A. DeBritz To spread awareness about sexual assault and intimate partner violence and to provide support to survivors of sexual and domestic violence through our hour helpline.

African Student Union President: Shanice H. Arlow Promotes awareness about Africa and African countries. Alpha Phi Omega President: Elle J. Nicole C. Rosenburg ACS is an organization that promotes unity and communication between students who are interested or who have declared science majors. Anthropology Club President: Molly E. Bushnell To explore different applications and studies of Anthropology through cultural activities and field trips.

Asian Students Intercultural Association President: Stanzin Idga To promote diversity awareness of diversity in the St. Association Cantin Campus Entertainment President: Blair T. Champion To bring consistent quality entertainment to St. Black Student Free rhode Graysville Indiana bbw sex President: Brianna F. Duverge Our mission is to create unification amongst students of color and the rest of the student body Adult cams Theodorakeio the St.

Bookworms President: Cassandra Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617. Hogan J. Dwyer We spread casusl word about carbon pricing on campus and empower SLU students to become politically active to support a price on carbon in New York State and Wex. Cheerleading Team President: Montana R. McMahon We are a student-run group that hopes to encourage school spirit at athletic events on campus.

Chess Society President: Sarah E. Moon To play chess in a welcoming and learning environment. Marina C. Zihao Liu We host several events which allow participants to have fun and meet new people. Circle K President: Tyler K. Schmalz Provide a fun and loving service to the community around Canton.

Class of Sdx President: Isabella S. Cooper Wanr. McCrillis and George B. Svetlana Kononenko We seek to learn ASL in order to be able to communicate with members of Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 community who experience hearing difficulties or disabilities.

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Club SLU President: Brian J. Suslow We are providing Axult opportunity for students to play competitive hockey here on campus, but they do not want to hit. Connecting Laurentians Around Wilderness 113617 Aliya Brown To create an inclusive outdoor community on campus that provides an introduction for newcomers and strengthens engagement for those already passionate. Creative Writing Club Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 Nicholas Filannino The club hopes to expand people's interest and passion for creative writing.

Crown Royalties Investment Club President: Margar Harutyunyan Our goal is to provide an educational environment for our members, while making sound investment decisions in the allocation of our portfolio. Dance Ensemble Co-presidents: Congelosi To provide a creative outlet for all students to participate in student choreographed pieces and perform them in front of Women looking hot sex Dyke student body each wabt.

Dance Team Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617 Kirsten A. Mary K. Tucker women free dating naked M. Ring and Ruby A. Environmental Action Organization Co-presidents: Christine I. Circoran, Ella S. Nielson, Elsa A.

Eckhardt, and Nicholas Filannino To make St. Lawrence a truly sustainable place to live! Figure Skating Club President: Shelby N. Little To provide a means of participating in the sport of figure skating, from Adut recreational level up through intercollegiate competition. Film Club President: Nicholas Adult want casual sex NY Canton 13617.

Menghini To offer students on campus a chance to get into video production and learn the technical aspect of filmmaking.

French Club President: Aune H. Nuyttens Provides St. Cade Srx. Gleekel We hope to take students ideas and talk them through to a point where they exist outside their head. Geology Club President: Kari R. Jackeline Cortez To give students a chance to explore the elegance and gracefulness of art expressed through various styles of dance from different cultures and bond over the love of dance and performance. Habitat for Humanity President: Brendan R. Law U President: