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Unfortunately, Hispanic women are subject to a double pay gap—an ethnic pay gap and a gender pay gap.

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On femaales, Latina workers are paid only 67 cents on the dollar relative to white non-Hispanic men, even after controlling for education, years of experience, and location.

The Any latina females on here gap between Latina workers and white non-Hispanic male workers persists across the wage distribution, within occupations, and among those with the same amount of education.

Figure A below Any latina females on here wages for Hispanic women and white non-Hispanic men at select points in their respective wage distributions. The 10 th percentile Latina wage identifies the wage at which 10 percent of Latina workers earn less while 90 percent of Latina workers earn more.

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This wage gap—15 percent—is the smallest the gap gets, likely due to the wage floor set by the minimum wage. The gap rises to 41 percent at the middle of the wage distribution, and to 55 percent at the 95 th percentile.

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That means that even the best paid Latinas are paid half as much as the best paid white non-Hispanic men. Latinas are, thus, vastly over-represented in low-wage jobs and relatively under-represented in high-wage jobs. In other words, nearly half of all Latina workers are paid less than the 10 th percentile white male worker.

At the high end, only 1-in Latina workers are paid more than white male workers at the 80 th percentile. Much of these differences are grounded in the presence of occupational segregation.

10 Things Latina Girls Are Tired of Hearing - Hispanic Misconceptions | Teen Vogue

Latina workers are far more likely Any latina females on here be found in certain Amy professions than white men are and less common in high-wage professions. But, even in professions with more Latina workers, they still are paid less on average than their white male colleagues.

Figure B shows the average wages of Hispanic women and white non-Hispanic men in the ten most common occupations for Latinas.

Figure A below shows wages for Hispanic women and white In other words, nearly half of all Latina workers are paid less than the . Here too, however, we find that even within the same occupations, Latinas fare worse. While some believe identifying as Afro-Latino is a personal choice, to being able to say: 'Here are the many things and places I come from.'. We Must Challenge The Systemic Hurdles All Latina Women Face Currently a quarter of all Latinas are living below the poverty line and more than half are at . Here's How Trump's New China Tariffs Will Hit Your Wallet.

In every one of them, white men, on average, are paid more than their Latina counterparts. Since Hispanic women continue to be Anh in low-wage jobs, policies that lift wages Any latina females on here the bottom will have a significant impact on their wages. Any latina females on here some incorrectly argue that Latinas are choosing lower-paid professionsfurther education clearly hfre not close their sizable wage gaps with white non-Hispanic men. Figure C shows average wages for white men and Latinas in As Hispanic women increase their educational attainment, their pay gap with Mooresville-NC adult sex men actually increases.

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That statistic bears repeating. Regardless of their place in the wage distribution, their level of educational attainment, or their occupation, Latinas are paid less than their white male counterparts. The ongoing gender and ethnic discrimination faced by Hispanic women means that ten months intoAny latina females on here finally reach the same typical pay as non-Hispanic white men earned last year.

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That means that over a 30 year span, Latinas would have to work another 25 years for them to earn the same over their working life as non-Hispanic white men.

There is a lot of work to be done to improve the standard of living for the families feamles Latinas.

However, this is not the whole story, since even after controlling for education the wage gap remains Any latina females on here large.

Offering and facilitating access to occupations that are higher paid will also move Latinas up the occupational ladder. Here too, however, we find that even within the same occupations, Latinas fare worse.

Lastly, it is important to improve equal pay for equal work provisions so that those women who do have the same education, the same occupation and are equally qualified in the workplace are not paid less or driven away from moving up to these more challenging positions. Working Economics Blog. Posted November 1, at 2: Figure Any latina females on here. Chart Data Download data The data below can be saved or copied directly into Excel.

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The data underlying the figure. Share on Facebook Tweet this chart. Copy the code below to embed this chart on your website.

Figure B. Figure C.

Latina teens have highest rate of suicide attempts in the U.S. | Univision News | Univision

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