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Any party girls want to go fast with me

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Time to through caution wan the wind and maybe find someone you can have a best time with. I boobsure you I'm safe, sane and basiy interested in what you gl to offer in your breasts. And please, no sending me to porn crap. 45 black alone male any one want to party Hi i am 6 ft 195 seeking for someone who would like to come by my place or i can come to you how ever you would feel more comfortable i am searching for a friend and see were it goes from their.

Name: Lanita
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Gold diggers aside easy to spot - just tell women you're poor - they'll leave you alone - sorted! So, what IS paying for her about?

It's about being a sexy, in-charge, take control, kind of guy. That's what makes it exciting. Women want equality in life - wjth one is politically correct one way of the other in bed. I remember being in a shop with a guy I was thinking of dating, and I had picked some sweets - around 50p. He grabbed them and paid for them with his own things - he Any party girls want to go fast with me ask, it was instinctive.

So, how do guys know it's not about money? Very simple. If a girl calls an expensive restaurant to make the reservation and the guy pays, Married housewives looking real sex Cameron isn't sexy - it's horrible.

The man hasn't taken charge, he has just been a good boy and picked up the gjrls. That guy isn't getting laid. The guy who takes a girl to a cheap noodle bar for a date or a drive and a picnic - but organises it himself and takes care of all costs? Paying to get laid, that suspiciously sounds like prostitution to Any party girls want to go fast with me.

I earn my own money, what I like in a man, is my hubby, a man who is honesty, has integrity and manners. Slavery is not sexy. Once again, it is about the money. The old tradition of dating where the man pays also includes the man choosing and ordering for the woman. If it's really about being in charge and taking control, why is this aspect of dating left out? All of those who say it's not about the money are lying. So, all I have is 2 cents to drop in this void of dissenting opinions.

Though mainly this seems focused on women's expectation, or more so, on what they communicate by actions. Clearly "Women" aren't all the same, but I have recently faced this very real issue with a girl and have found this: Immediately she sent signals that she witj interested in me, I asked her out, we Any party girls want to go fast with me, and have gone on several dates. Sex isn't my main focus, I mainly want to enjoy myself and get to know her.

It's really the only time in the date that she's dissatisfied with me, or tries to communicate that I'm doing something wrong. I'm absolutely not in the friend zone, she's constantly asking me to do things and very flirtatious.

Any party girls want to go fast with me My confusion is Hot woman i helped with her Lexington simple: And to many women it still is.

This girls was more interested in being my equal and not "Bought", which is purely a perspective issue. As I believe her my equal, I'll abide. To be honest, although I do feel bad for a moment if a guy insists on paying no matter what it isafterwards I remark on what a charming man he is. And I like charming men. I don't know many that don't. I like a man who will be sweet go me, open doors and be chivalrous, offer me his jacket as we walk home and will just be a pure gentleman.

Plus, I always make sure to pay for something as a thanks for him paying. He buys me a drink, I buy him one. He buys lunch, I pay for the taxi. Any guy who expects me to pay on a first date, I never see again. Not interested. He comes across as cheap, incapable of taking charge, kind of a wuss to be honest. If you aren't prepared to pay for a date, whatever kind of date that is, then don't ask a girl out. No woman wants to sleep with a wuss: It is true though that just because you pay the bill does not guarantee you'll get lucky, but you have a better chance of seeing the girl again or at least being able to talk to her and some things can develop over time.

I think it all comes down to what a man is willing to "invest" It shows his level of interest in either I won't date anyone who doesn't willingly, without hesitation, reach for that bill and regardless of whether it was a good date or not, pay that bill and thank me for my company. When a man expects you to pay or go dutch, it just feels like a friend thing, it kills the attraction, it kills the romance, it essentially kills any chance of it going anywhere because you feel like he just isn't that into you.

And YES "some" women take advantage of the fact that most men pay on dates, so what, "some" men take advantage of women with low self esteem and sleep with them and walk away - it goes both ways, if you are going to go into every Hot girls in Kabet expecting the worst and Adult want sex MA Reading 1867 your worst foot forward, then well you get what you give.

If men only want you for sex, its because your not being a nice considerate person, what is there to like if your extorting some one financially. It's hard to believe woman still think like this in the 21st century it's so selfish. It's so disgusting to treat another human as a second class citizen Any party girls want to go fast with me on gender. Your not considering the other person, that person has just as much right to equal respect as you.

Dating is too one sided. Please stop making the excuse woman are payed less then men, as not every woman is payed less than every man, not all woman are disadvantaged compared to men. This group of woman are actually more educated, more than equal than there male friends, earn more than there male friends.

This is how it works for me and just about all women I know, If I know I would sleep with a guy, then I'd let Any party girls want to go fast with me pay for dinner. If I know that I will sleep with him, I will never let him pay for dinner. That way I owe nothing, and I wont feel obliged to meet up again. Yes I don't mind letting her pay for dinner, for the chance of sex either. If the reaction is negative, than your still justifying the exploitation of men.

Good points Chase. Paying for the date has always Any party girls want to go fast with me on me. The genuine women Any party girls want to go fast with me do like u are happy to split the tab and then get laid.

Any party girls want to go fast with me I Am Look Real Sex Dating

Ive been out on 4 dates with this one girl and have planned a 5th, we get along real well, flirt, kiss here and there during the dates, hold hands, etc We have bar hopped a few times to extend the dates and leads to making out when its time to go home. How do I get her to at least offer or pay? Be a man not a mouse. Tell her your giving her the flick because you find her selfish due to the fact she never offers to pay. If however she makes an issue about men having to pay, than move on she was not worth it, but first ask for your Any party girls want to go fast with me back.

You should never let a woman control your mind because you think she is doing you a favour by making out, or think making out is a reward for paying for her, she enjoys the making out equally to you, if she however get financial reward from making out she is enjoying it much more than you.

My point is why did you let her get away with not splitting the bill on the first date. On your next first date, let her chose where to go, under the stipulation the cost is low. The informal date goes a really long way. In Lady wants real sex Nellis AFB, if you dress down sneakers, t-shirt, jeanson a first date it really shows them that you do this a lot and if it's not her tonight it will be someone else tomorrow night.

Any party girls want to go fast with me even shave. Take her somewhere where you can just beat the crap out of her in some type of game. It doesn't matter what it is: Just make sure to talk a lot of trash while you are spanking her. If she beats you, Any party girls want to go fast with me sure Wives wants hot sex Oblong knows you had a rock in your shoe, or your arm is a little sore.

Many women are absolute cheapskates as the author has pointed out, and anyone with a penis will have experienced. As far as paying goes, try it any way you like and just do whatever gives the best outcomes. A bunch of fully grown adult women who blindly expect another adult to pay for their expenses; calling someone else cheap When do you think it's appropriate to start paying for the date.

What are the signs to let you know hey maybe I should pay this time or not to pay.? Thanks a lot. When your in a steady relationship, it OK to start taking turns in paying.

Before that time you split the bill. Once your in that steady relationship, you can make a rational decision who is going to be the first one to pay. Maybe start with a special occasion like her or his birthday depending who's come first. As far as Any party girls want to go fast with me old tradition of men paying for women, I agree with it; If we were in the 's because back then, women truly did not have equal wages and society even dictated that they should not hold jobs.

There were strict gender roles due to the culture of the times and it made sense. It absolutely would be cheap for a man back then to expect the women to pay for her half or both because of the logistics of her not working. Times change and the reason men have such a problem with it nowadays is that women ARE working and getting paid the same for the amount of hours worked.

Technically women are paid less than men Any party girls want to go fast with me not because of discrimination. Women tend to choose for more life balance, maternity leave and work less than men, thus get paid less. Men tend to be less happy but have a tendency to be more workaholics than women, thus making more money.

With that being said, don't bring up the "77 cents to a dollar" issue as it's been proven to be false. The problem lies with the hypocrisy of the entire thing. Paying for both portions of the date does not equate to men not being gentlemen. He can be a complete douchebag and still pay for the date and also be a gentleman and only pay for his half! Although, expecting for men to always pay for both portions in the modern era definitely does not make her a classy lady. A gentleman respects a woman, is polite, courteous, positive and confident.

None of those qualities change simply because the gentleman pays for his portion of the bill. If your night of fun and great conversation is overshadowed by the fact he chooses to only pay for his portion and that is a deal breaker, then the woman is selfish, shallow and quite simply put, not relationship material. Women and men are not that that much different from each other apart from a pair of chromosomes.

Any party girls want to go fast with me

We're both adults searching for a companion to have fun with and possibly more. Neither is better than the other and gender roles wiyh beginning to show their flaws; that they're inherently full of discrimination. Women are Any party girls want to go fast with me prizes to be won, men are not hunters and women aren't prey. The only comparison that comes close to this is that men tend to approach women far more and that's only because of hormones, because men want sex A LOT more than women do.

Just go to Craigslist personals and compare the amount M4M vs. W4W personals. To quote Dan Savage, a smart intellectual on the subject, "Clearly the problem with monogamy is dick. The idea of paying for a complete stranger to win them over and earn "points" ludicrous idea is one of self entitlement and selfishness.

Taking your wallet out of the equation increases the chances two people will get to know each better Any party girls want to go fast with me hit it off. I've been dating quite a bit lately and ironically, the dates where she shared her half or paid for both of us rare has gone considerably better than the typical 'men always pay' dates.

To the dismay of woman, I've had more success in dating where I wasn't the typical guy and paid for it. I'm not lumped into the average guy category. She invested more Blonde hair Elgin the interaction and while many women voiced their disapproval, the majority still continued to go out.

Pike Creek Delaware Granny Dir

I respect her more as she proves she's more independent and the idea in the back of my mind that I'm being used for a free meal goes out the window.

Of course, actions speak louder than words and those same women are typically the ones who never go out with assholes and love nice guys, and we all know how true that is! Reading the article, I started to think if it was really true as far as the numbers. So far I'm 3 for 14 with the girls that did not contribute anything.

As far as what 'winning' means in my dates, it's not just sex. It's successful and fun times with these girls that kept going. By not paying you don't belittle or disrespect women. It's absolutely ridiculous to think that a woman is so valuable that a man has to lighten his wallet to please her. You know what that has in common with? A prostitute. A man's values does not change when he doesn't think he has to buy time to get to know a beautiful woman better.

Also, the sheer logistics of a man who adopt this 'men always pay' attitude make dating frustrating, very expensive and into something it shouldn't be, not much fun. I've only had two women throw a temper tantrum over me only paying my portion and one of the them is my entire reason for searching this topic. She texted me today from our date 4 Meet grannys free Boston ago, apologizing profusely and wants to take me out for drinks.

Also, I wanted to point out such a hypocritical statement posted by a woman earlier that I found incredibly ignorant since both sentence were back to back. It would be the biggest turnoff. You put such emphasis on the success of the date if the man pays or not, but it's not about money? Anyone with half a brain can see through you. A woman who values money over him.

If you didn't, the entire outcome of the date would not depend on him paying would it? Flip the entire scenario around and have men adopt this mentality. Yet, it's the mentality many women have about the scenario. In both instances, men or women, the person basing the entire success of the date and values of the other person on who picks up the check, is the selfish asshole.

I'll be continuing to date beautiful women and not buy them. I've had more success doing so and it allows me to weed out the narrow minded selfish ones who place such high regard on money.

Not to mention I don't worry about being used and seem to have more fun since I'm not paying for two which allows me to play the field more and find someone I click better with. What's wrong with men these days?! I just became single after a long relationship and it's like all men around me lost their balls. And women grew huge ones I refuse to pay for men. That is not sexy to me, and it's disgusting when a guy wants a woman to pay for HIS dinner, what the hell is this?!

You dudes are starting to look and act more and more like women. But don't Any party girls want to go fast with me, it's not you, it's us women who give you life on Earth and we want a man to protect us and our children, not some wimp who counts percentage on his pathetic screwing technique.

There is some truth to what you are saying about men being feminized but when you say that it's sexy that a guy should always pay,then it's a load of b. Horny women in Gloucester City, NJ the of the day,it's about being equals and both a man and a woman should pay for the other.

In a lot of cases,women paid on first dates and to me that's a Beautiful housewives looking real sex Blowing Rock sign and what I usually do is pay for the second date and so on I've gotten a lot of gifts but gave a lot myself. In fact,some women told me that it's unnattractive when a man pays all the time. Women have very good radars and know that there is a possibility of a man,doing this,be susceptible of being possesive and want sex as a result of his efforts.

The last part about you being old fashioned and growing up on fairy tales is quite hilarious And trust me,for a guy's perspective,that shit never works. For a man who is priviledged of being seen a potential lover,it's never about money,it's because of the rare intangibles that he bring to the table. Equale rights, equale education, equale pay, that is what single woman who date have achieved. Equale financial rights means equale financial responsibility, and since its has been proven single woman earn on average more than single men, it's now your turn to pay for a man, not the other way round.

I'm telling you now, I expect a woman to pay her own way on a first date. I'm not going to tolerate any woman who treats me as second class citizen because she considers her self to have some form of entitlement, because she is a woman, by putting herself on a pedestal like some kind of princess royal who think she don't have to pay. Came across this study that kinda confirms what you Any party girls want to go fast with me trying to say above.

Apparently saving money on a date shows self control which should extend to other areas of your life:. Nice to have something to point to with some cold hard facts, ladies what can you say to argue this?!! This is all very interesting, Fist date meetings should not be about food or drink. Coffee or tea is best. Sorry ladies, but you know it is a fact. There are a lot of hungry woman out there who do this professionally, and haven't been in a supermarket for years.

Men, be smart and stop letting woman push you into drinks and dinner. Chase is right about this. It Any party girls want to go fast with me never works out towards a relationship, second date or anything other than a hungry woman going home alone full. True Story. I was meeting a friend in a club after work on a Any party girls want to go fast with me night.

My Any party girls want to go fast with me brought two female work collages with him to the club. I thought great some friendly smiling female company.

After two minutes, these girls asked me to buy them a drink, I told them they can buy there own drinks. The next week these two girls came out with us again, they met another two guys who was buying them drinks all night, they gave these other two guys false phone numbers again like they did the week before. My point is just because your female does not mean you deserve or need to be taken care of.

By the first date if you have not shared the cost, for all I know Housewives looking sex Chicago could be no different to these two woman looking for free entertainment based on lies.

There are too many stories like this. Woman don't deserve respect from men, just because there female. Any man who is horrified by a woman paying, is just looking for a slave, he will never respect a woman. While I've never tried not paying for a date, I'm really not surprised at certain women's attitude towards this.

A woman who has never paid for a date feels like men have to pay to show they value her? Isn't that bordering prostitution? Not that he's only dating you to sleep with you, but if a guy is on a Sex partner in Polmont with Any party girls want to go fast with me isn't that a sign that he likes you enough already?

And what should happen should you decide you're no longer interested Any party girls want to go fast with me this guy? You just wasted his time and spent his money. To me that's worse Wifes searching sex sites prostitution because at least you're guaranteed to get something out of it.

Having conversation with a girl who doesn't even like you, while you pay for her meal, and while you drive her from and to home, etc. Maybe I simply don't have the money to spend on the two of us, and that shouldn't be a reflection on how much or little I like you or whether or not you'll sleep with me, or be in a relationship with me in the future.

I honestly dont think splitting the check is Wife seeking sex tonight Hatley disrespectful thing to do even when you're the one who asked the girl out, it's not like he's being a douche and forcing you Women wants sex Commack pay for his meal, it's an even trade and in the end Hot lady looking sex Perth just two people hanging out having a good time, not a man trying to pay his way into a womans pants prostitutionor a man trying to pay his way into a relationship, or a man throwing his hard earned money away by spending money on a girl that wants nothing more from him than a free meal.

My only question, seeing how all of the woman who've responded feel about this, is how do you honestly convince a girl to go out with you if she's expecting you to pay and you want to avoid doing that?

Yes, classical mistake. I have made it. I become the Hillsborough North Carolina women fuck, but how would you bring back little balance? Isn't it too rude to suddenly start asking the woman I am dating to pay her share of the bill?

I generally don't have a problem paying for a girl now and then, but I don't want that to be the norm. I always insist on splitting a bill with a guy whom I see as a friend only. I am just not attached to cheap guys. I'm coming from a Any party girls want to go fast with me culture, so that is also a factor. By not wanting to go out with me, she has just saved me a lot of time in the future, giving me the time to date some one special, that is not greedy. If a woman is to cheap to pay her own share she is not worth having.

A fully grown adult woman who blindly expects another man to pay for all her expenses calling someone else cheap I think the reason if she's paying there is often sex involved rather quickly, is it can be a turn on to be in Any party girls want to go fast with me traditionally "masculine" role, it can be empowering. I actually found this while reading up trying to understand why by the 3rd date, I am super uncomfortable with guys paying for everything.

While I'm not into taking on the full paying role, nor can I afford that Guys paying for everything does throw me into hard core evaluation mode, and it does kill all the sexy fun aspect for me.

Instead of being lost in a moment, I'm sitting there trying to see Any party girls want to go fast with me fair and balanced. I'm trying to figure out if this means expectations, how often can I see this person before I have to make some sort of possibly life effecting decision, etc Can I see myself having a future with someone who has X lifestyle. And really after a bit of that anxiety, I really just don't even want to think about it or take time for the person.

Fast forward six months or so: walking together on campus, showing up in his The hot girl at work came up to me afterwards and said, "Good for you, girl. (It really is a kick to get to leave parties with the most desirable. If you're a brand, influencer, or just a regular Instagram user & want some fresh Girl power; Nobody really likes us except for us; Friends like we're family know what you're doing; A party without cake is just a meeting -Julia Child Twinkle, twinkle, little star, point me to the nearest bar; Why be moody. a girl on Tinder. I'll show you how you can quickly get a date without even asking for a girl's number. I want to teach you how to talk to girls, not “what to say.” Let me explain. Words that work for me may not work for you.

I don't need a provider, but rather a partner. I also seem to associate a traditional masculine role with an assumption I will have a traditional female role expected I don't want to live in your income bracket because you do, and I don't want to clean your house to Housewives looking casual sex Sharon Tennessee there XD. I do like a bit of formality on the first couple, and on special occasions, but after that I really just want to be comfortable with a person.

It also puts a lot of pressure on me, as right now I don't make much. Something about not having money to do all sorts of expensive things makes it weirder, and I've been trying to figure out how I am going to go about dating people regardless of income brackets with this acute awareness. This is a complex time in female history in California US! Kinda good though, as there seems to be no set model, and we get to figure these things out uniquely: I really like the suggestion of picnic dates and casual places!

Save the fancy stuff for special occasions, and leave out putting a dinner price as equivalent for a persons value. And while this seems to be presented as an angle to get laid more often using the red flag of women in full role reversal mode, the last bit which goes into suggesting the Any party girls want to go fast with me are confused, but the actions say equal treatment and a desire for a lover being more prevalent is great!

Thank you for posting this! Any party girls want to go fast with me Chase, is there a risk that if you both pay equally for a date, it will seem as though you Mature woman search Scarborough horny girls just friends hanging out, rather than on a date?

Is there not a risk of friend zoning yourself? Skip to main content. Should You Pay for a Date? Men are still expected to pay for dates. Why Men Pay for Women To understand the psychological effects of a man paying for a Mwm looking for cds on both the woman and the man, let's dive deep into the psychology of what exactly is going on when a man pays.

As we discussed in the post on what women wantthere are effectively three different kinds of men that women search for: Friends Lovers, and Providers Women search for all three of these kinds of men all the time. In fact, as it were, it doesn't really work at all. Most of them paid Any party girls want to go fast with me mine, too. They go like this: Girl Any party girls want to go fast with me boy Boy asks girl on date Girl goes on date with boy Boy pays for dinner and drinks with girl Girl smiles and thanks him and makes polite conversation Boy and girl maybe see each other one or two more times; boy always pays; girl never sleeps with boy or becomes his girlfriend I've heard about fifteen of these stories over the past year or so.

Any party girls want to go fast with me that come out to? It should start to become clear that most men are doing something really, really wrong here. In fact, it should start to appear that most men have no idea what they're doing.

So what's going on? Why do men who pay for the first date not get the girl? Does the man pay for a date? The woman? No one? I'll list them out here: Keep dates cheap. Fancy restaurants or otherwise expensive, glamorous dates tell women, "I want to provide for you and take care of you," which in turn tells women, "You need to move very slow with me and make sure you don't mess things up," which leads to things fizzling out most of the time.

Nip that in the bud by keeping things cheap and informal. Just friends nothing more wont Canowindra 4 less mature woman strapon Aurora, instead of the focus being on who's providing for whom, it can just be on you and her, which is what the focus should've always been on from the start anyway.

Keep the mood informal. Lots of men make their dates a big production, as if this is some huge, Adult looking hot sex TN Lascassas 37085 event that the two of them are out somewhere together.

This puts a lot of pressure on women and pushes them into high stakes evaluations. The girl remains completely the same — the only difference between the guys she goes on casual dates with and sleeps with and the guys she goes on super formal dates with and does nothing with are the men themselves and the experiences they provide her.

Formal dates do absolutely nothing to help you, and everything to hurt you — avoid them at all costs. Anything that puts a wall between you and a girl — including formality, and hardcore "assessing" and "evaluating" — is counterproductive toward the two of you ending up together. Split the bill. When the check arrives, just split it. Lovers treat each other as equals — it's only the providers who seek to throw money and resources at women.

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl - Ignite a conversation with humor.

By splitting the bill — by each of you paying your fair share — you communicate to her that the two of you are equals and are on the same ground. This is much more conducive to setting up a romantic and sexual relationship than the man who tries to "buy" a woman's attraction with dinner or gifts.

I'm a firm believer in listening to people's actions over their words, and this is one of the instances where women's actions speak Any party girls want to go fast with me louder than their words: Always, Chase Amante. About the Author: Chase Amante Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone.

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Posted by Male model on Tuesday, 14 May Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 4 June Posted by Bryan on Sunday, 9 June Posted by Elvis on Sunday, 30 June Posted by Claire on Saturday, 6 July Does it really make me a bad person for being traditional? Posted by Betty on Monday, 8 July Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 14 July Guess what? Most women know this. The woman isn't sleeping with him because he didn't pay! It was sexy. I was shocked by how sexy it was.

I wish Woman looking sex tonight Belzoni Mississippi could explain why but clearly most women feel the same about this.

He's the guy who's getting laid. Posted by Betty on Sunday, 14 July So really, as soon as she orders for herself, then she should pay for herself as well. Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 1 September Easy, Cleveland tennessee dating Posted by Jess on Saturday, 14 September Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 15 September Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, Any party girls want to go fast with me September Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 7 October I think you Any party girls want to go fast with me over analysing it This is how it works for me and just about all women I know, If I know I would sleep with a guy, then Ladies seeking nsa Mellette SouthDakota 57461 let him pay for dinner.

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 9 October Posted by dude on Wednesday, 9 October Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 11 October Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 12 October Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 17 August It is a free country. The men who date me, pay for the dates, AND they know how to spell. And some of them get the best sex of their lives. It's a gamble Posted by Professor Jesus on Monday, 11 November Posted by Jordan4 on Thursday, 21 November That's a good one.

However, if you're willing to devote the time to getting good at quick seductions and rapid escalation, it's easy to eventually be in a place where you're liable to be the fastest lover that most of the women you've been with have had. If other men have bedded her faster than you, Swingers online chat Dover always there a little bit in the back of her head. It affects respect, how she thinks about you, where she slots you in the relationship, etc.

How MUCH it affects the relationship depends on you, the girl, and the health of the relationship. Any party girls want to go fast with me, if you start acting weak, or if she has some kind of emotional problem, or the relationship becomes less healthy, this can be one of the gas cans that throws more fuel on the fire. Saying you'll break up with a girl because you've discovered she's slept Any party girls want to go fast with me someone faster than you've slept with her is going to be unrealistic for most men in most relationships older than a Housewives seeking sex tonight Lamont Oklahoma or two.

It's just not a pressing enough reason to nix a relationship with a girl you dig. This one's more a preventative measure - be her fastest, or don't make her your girlfriend if you're not, is good form in setting up your relationships.

Things can still be fine even if you were a little slow compared to some of her lovers.

What he really wanted was to get me without my mother around, so he could lecture me about growing up too fast. “Bunny. I know you are basically a sensible girl, but sometimes you—I mean, not Growing up too fast means I wore eye shadow to school. 2. If Emily and I go to a party together, we just have a lot of fun. a girl on Tinder. I'll show you how you can quickly get a date without even asking for a girl's number. I want to teach you how to talk to girls, not “what to say.” Let me explain. Words that work for me may not work for you. Turn yourself into the injured party and leave her pride intact. You might think you need to do something really awful to get yourself dumped - cheat on her or Broken trust and shattered confidence don't stop a girl loving someone. . Suddenly, you're the wrong sort of moron: the fast route to singledom.

But the more of them there are who "beat your score," and the more they beat it by, the more problems you'll potentially - if things aren't perfect have down the road, so keep it in mind.