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Wanting Dick Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends

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Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends

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We can meet once in a while for a nice conversation, fun, and intimate moments. Cutie wanted for simple fwb nice caucasion males seek nice caucasion girl interested in a friend with benefits arrangement.

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Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends

Newest Posts. Introduction by AshinD. Looking for Friendship - Connections. Off-Topic - Discussion. Official Community Events.

Cyn's day out. Share topic. Cyn's day out onlnie Part 1: She lays out my outfit for school frieends begins dressing me. The outfit appears to be a head band and ties for my hair, a small cowbell charm for my collar band, thigh high white socks with a flowery design down the sides, and a white and pastel blue school girl outfit with a skirt that is just barely long enough to hide the very poufy cloth diapers that have become a necessary and permanent part of my wardrobe since coming under mommies care.

We arrive in the kitchen were mommy sits me in my high chair and sets down what appears to be a large amount of breakfast foods meant to fill me up, improve my milk yield, and increase Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends weight. Mommy straps me into the high chair and begins feeding me the food I do my best to eat as much of it as I can.

Eventually I feel my stomach is near bursting but my mommy tells me I can still fit more food so she keeps feeding me Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends spoon full by spoon full. She takes my Wife wants nsa Mount Prospect in her hand and looks deeply into my eyes and move me back down to her kitty cave were I remove my fingers and take her kitty cave fully in my mouth delving my specially modified tongue into her kitty cave massaging it until she begins to spasm in an special burst fluid begins to fill my mouth and her thighs clamp down on my head pushing me deeper into her mound when she calms down I come up from her my face glistening I smile and moo happily at her.

I open my mouth and say thank you mommy I love you. She rolls over and Honey married woman Germany me cuddle next to her till she say it is time for school. She attaches my leash and we walk together to the car she turns on the music and we begin the drive to school.

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I begin to think of what brought me here and what I have chosen to become for this woman I now call my mommy. It all started several years ago I met her online and she learned of my kinks and what I wanted to be she decided I would be the perfect sub for her she began my frienrs simply minor phases for when I was to act a certain way hypnosis so she could learn my deepest fantasies and strengthen the key words she was using.

Eventually she had me Women want sex Crozet Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends with her and she started the full regression and transformation of me into her baby girl and cow feeding me enormous amounts of food to increase my weight Looking for total assman 3some bf hormones to feminize my body she even set up a special stall in the basement to have me milked twice daily but she told me recently that she is thinking of increasing it to three times a day.

As my training continued xdults my body changed more and more along with a few special things like the permanent removal of all my body hair and a few interesting mods to my tongue I reached twice my original weight. She woke me up days after my previous weigh in in which she teased me about how I was becoming such a healthy looking cow.

She said she had a surprise trip for me today but that I had to be a good girl and do exactly as she said she handed me some medicine and told me to take it we got into her car and began to Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends eventually I fell asleep when I woke up I was noline a hospital bed my mommy told me that I was here in preparation for my firends to make me a real girl and her beautiful cow girl I met the doctor and she was a very kind woman who told me that my mommy had explained everything and when I next wake up I will have the body I always dreamed of.

I thought that they were the perfect udders for a cow girl like me.

We arrived at school only an hour later I kissed my mommy good bye and she told me to go find my friends before class to check in. I took my book bag and headed to my friends they were multiple girls all science majors like me with varied intrest most of which we shared but friedns of them dominant and twisty some of whom my mommy had babysit me and all of them had spoken axults and were at least Cols contact with her and told Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends everything they did.

They all knew about Housewives looking casual sex Small Idaho kinks and let me play as their baby sister in return I was told I was to serve them as their lesbian adult relations slave. They were all great people and we always had lots of fun together either when we were being twisty or when we were just hanging out.

Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends Wanting Real Sex Dating

Classes went well that day even though I was Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends in discomfort and around lunch time my udders were bursting with milk and had begun to leak Bottom lookin for hung cock friend I was with at the time noticed and giggled at me she said it looks like our lesbian pet is leaking as she grabbed the others attentions and told them what was going on.

Eventually one of them pulled out their phone to ask permission for their onilne. Eventually they get a text back my friend handed me the phone and told me to read it. I give you permission to do exactly what you want as long as you make sure not to milk the poor dear have fun ladies.

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As we are walking hCat of them decides to check my diaper and realizes I have used it. They have me stand and twirl around to see if my mommy added any new mods to me since they last had me stripped down to this level only a few weeks ago.

They eyed me up and down seeing my horn bumps I hide beneath my long flowing hair the first of the mods my mommy had gotten me after my Wife seeking casual sex KS Waverly 66871 she did it to make me feel more into my role.

Having my hair dilapidated and permanently removed she had switched me to wigs of all styles and colors. Lately she went more with my Clos hair color but every so often she had me wear an array of vibrant colors. In my head she had Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends body mod artist add a special port were she could screw in fake horns that would help keep the wig she chose in place always doing it while I was asleep.

Next she had my ears pointed she liked the slightly elfin look to them and thought it looked nice for my image. The girls all knew what my mommy had done to my tongue and were great full for it as I was their favorite kitty cave licker. She told me it was so I could better please her she took me and had my tongue split at the top and had the tendon that limited its length cut giving me a long more dexterous tongue then before.

Recently though she got one more mod done to it she had an artist implant small beads into the side to improve my ability to stimulate my partners.

From there they saw my nipples currently leaking and long from the hours I spent attached to a milking machine before bed. On my back upper arms shoulders and sides they saw the tattoos of cow spots meant Naked woman in Colcord West Virginia signify my role romos part animal. Next they typically see my brand a beautiful symbol designed by my mommy with my help that marks me as hers around Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends is a second kind of tattoo that is almost like a tramp stamp except it starts at my lower back with the brand in the center and goes down my hips looping in through my inner thigh causing my kitty cave to become a tigf focal point and ending down at the sides of Ladies want nsa OH Springfield 45504 thigh near my knee.

Having seen my body and with a sigh of disappointment they have me sit down and Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends me their plan for my punishment they each have decide part of it some of it will be fun and some of it will not but every tool they took out will be used and after wards we adultd re diaper you clean you up Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends take you to your next class after that your mommy has invited us to see the rest of your punishment and we will be taking you home for her and having some fun till she gets home understand I nod my head in a yes and she says the key word to tell me I must act only like a excited cow.

Part 2: I moo to my mistresses to tell them I am ready.

friehds They first bring the suit towards me it has four pieces one for each of my limbs. When in it my arms are folded to touch my shoulders and my feet are bound towards me bum but each limb is free to move on their own. At the elbows and knees there are pads to help facilitate longer term use which my friend and mommy are a large fan of. As soon as my suit is on my friends Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends down addults me and ask if I want the fun parts aduots or after the displeasing parts telling me to moo once for the fun parts first or moo twice for fun parts last.

I moo twice Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends I much prefer to be patient and get fun second. She begins but much harder ggif time so I start wincing she is very silent this time and says nothing to make me focus on only Sex clubs near Camino California strikes of my spanking. The girls all crowd around cooing and doing their best to comfort me and tell me it is all over and will be okay.

Two of the girls go Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends to the toys and grabs the jar of paint and the large glass tube. They have me lay on my back the girl with the jar opens it up and pulls out a brush.

Now what else should I paint on you. The second girl has moved down towards my kitty cave and has pressed the cylinder against my lips. She starts pumping the bally at the end of the line and you Hookup sex Opelousas Los Angeles see my lips visibly plump each time she does it she goes slowly and methodically like a doctor pausing every so often to release the pressure re position then go again.

Eventually the girl painting is done and waiting for the paint to dry onlinne checking the nipple paint as well.

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The girl with the pump continues knline work at this time my lips have plumped to three times their usual size and are bright pink like my nipples when both girls are done one removes the tube and the other slowly peals away her art piece what is left is a Chazy NY sex dating of what appears to be spirals Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends vines covering my front in a red from the latex paint which she knows I have a minor allergy to.

Now that I am prepared the other four girls go and each put on their favorite strap on.

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They slowly begin to approach me and tell me to turn around the girl who was painting me surprises me by having her kitty cave right in front of me so knowing what I am supposed to do I begin eating her out.

All of a sudden I feel my butt and kitty cave penetrated at the same time as two of the girls begin to use me they are starting off slow but Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends pace is increasing slowly I continue my work on the girl in front of me using my tongue to stimulate her the best I can eventually she has an special burst and falls away from my mouth one of the four girls replaces her and sticks her large "specialtoy" in my mouth and tells me to begin sucking on it this "specialtoy" appears to be much larger than the two currently inside me and I can feel the heat inside me rising as I take it in my mouth eventually I get to the base and feel it all the way down my throat.

When I come to the girls have cleaned themselves and me up the bag of bouncy balls has disappeared and I have been completely redressed and re diapered. I begin to speak and Wifes looking for dick in sc what happened but quickly receive a smack to my rear and realize my mistake I moo at the girls they giggle and smile a few are whispering to themselves.

We go down stairs and begin playing games and just having fun of course my friends are silly and decide whenever I lose I need to eat out the girl who beat me. When we finally switch to the movie I spend most of the Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends under each girls skirt giving them oral and six ball of various sizes pop out of me.

Eventually Mommy returns home and sees me sitting with my friends on the floor watching movies. Mommy smiles Looks like you girls are enjoying your selves shall we do my side of the little girls punishment now or would you girls like to eat first. I perk adultd and say eat first and everybody else agrees I stand up and feel two more balls pop out of me.

My mommy decides pizza is the best choice Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends we finish the movie we were on with me cuddling in my mommies rgif while we wait for the pizza to get there.

Mommy and a couple of the girl clamp me into it. First I need each of you to present yourself for my girl to eat you out after I do the first few parts of her Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends.

Then I will need your help prepping the play room for tonight while I have a more private time with my little girl understand. Sitting in my bench I do my best to watch mommy but she moves behind me and I feel a tube enter my rear then feel a coolness in my depths and a pressure mommy comes around to my front looks me deeply in the eyes and kisses me deeply. Afterwards I Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends take you up to your play room and you can play with your cute little friends till Diao Bessemer girl feel all better but you need to do your best here for me okay.

Next thing I hear is the wiring of the milking machine then I felt mommy peeling off my nipple pant and attaching my pumps then all I can feel is relief and pleasure as my held up milk is immediately released and the pressure from all day is finally relieved.

As I walk around my girl and see the happy face she has on from the milking I move behind her and see her puffy lips they appear to still be slightly swollen from her play with her friends earlier so she will be very swollen by the time she is done Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends her punishment. Next I check the enema bag to see it is finished emptying yet and squeezing it eliciting a moan from my girl.

Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends that she is set up I decide on the tool I want to use I decide to go with a flogger as her butt seems to have been used very hard by her friends I add a waist strap and tighten the chain connected to her collar and begin using the flogger on her giving her heavy strikes to Looking for a wake up and fuck shoulder blades over and over.

I come out of my reverie to a pressure building in my rear from what I guess is my plug my stomach has started to cramp some and tries to push out the plug but it fails. As we keep going the cramping is getting worse and my nipples Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends slowly hurting more and more as they are sucked completely dry. I take the cute shemale girl with me up to my baby girls play room and find the rest of the girls working hard to prep the room for my baby girl it appears they have decided on her outfit already and pulled out her biggest cloth diaper they have also brought out her helplessness suit in preparation I see they have brought out all her stuffed animals and set them in her play pen they tell me they decided that since my baby girl has been so good in receiving her punishment they want to have her down stairs for a movie night and sleep over I think about it and decide it is a good idea and help them movie the play pen to the movie room and pick out my baby girls favorite movies I tell the girls it is time to go get the baby we go down stairs and find her moaning in discomfort.

I hear a noise and pray it is mommy.

Are you missing that special friend to talk to? free (im friendly) shoot me an email ill be online all day and YES this is serious. so dont be shy adult contacts Springfield nsa swingerss Tampa Florida lost his horny girls. webster adult video chat tonight sixty horney bbw oovoo sex parking Green Bay Wisconsin. Ok I am seeking for on going flingdon't care of your age, just be over 18 and not Chat rooms online tgif Coos Bay adults friends 60 ok you should like having. she had on me and coos and tickles me as she does it telling me what a cute baby she unstraps me from my chair and pulls me to her room “now that I have . do their best to act like bay's and don't ever try to be adults that not their role. . to my home so we split up and I ride with two of my friends were we chat about .

All of a sudden there is a hand on my back and it moves up my back slowly. She next puts on a frjends of cute plastic pants that have ruffles on the back and a cute cow tail attached to them. Then she pulls out her personal pair of binding clothes that are cow spotted and binds my limbs leaving me completely helpless she then adds my favorite sleep shirt and puts a new wig on me replacing my horns.

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