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Posted by connie Apr 14, Blog 1.

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A year ago, if you asked me what I knew about sex trafficking in Canada, I would only have a blank expression. Truthfully, this buzz word has actually annoyed me more than anything. I tend to not jump on bandwagons of fads.

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Please note, some of the information shared is disturbing. What would lead them there? One of the stories told on the W5 clip was one of a girl from Calgary who was living in one of the youth shelters. After gaining her trust, just two days after taking her virginity, he had her selling her body for money.

He and his friends would pound her with their fists. Another story was Girls around Canada to fuck blogs about a university student who ran out of money.

Everyone around her seemed to have ot clothes, nice cars and be able to pay their tuition. A Girls around Canada to fuck blogs of her wanted that lifestyle, so she found herself doing what many university female students get lured into doing: It paid the bills and gave her money to fit into the lifestyle of having expensive things.

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Easier than we think. She started dating a man who happened to be a pimp.

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He was charming, exciting, handsome, drove fancy cars, and lived the VIP lifestyle. He bought her beautiful diamonds, took her on elaborate vacations. He told her about the money she could make if she worked for him.

He convinced her she owed him and that it would give her the lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams. She was in love with tto so she did it.

Single-Sex Schools: The Pros And Cons - Canada blog

Eventually, she became pregnant with his baby. She thought she was his special girl, but that all changed six months into the relationship when they were on vacation in Cuba. Her face was mangled and unrecognizable.

She thought for sure he was going to kill her, but she lived. After that, she stayed with him, not out of love, but fear. She felt trapped and terrified about what he would do to her if he caught her trying to leave.

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Thank goodness, she was finally able to escape with her daughter, find shelter and restoration. She has now met a lovely man in her church and is able to move on with her life.

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The last story the news interview covered was a girl who was lured into selling her body for money because of having such low self esteem. She believed him Girls around Canada to fuck blogs believed he loved her.

After all, he had tattooed her name bloys his chest and married her. Just like the other stories, she found out that this was far from the truth. Thankfully, she also was able to escape and is now helping other women who have fled from trafficking situations.

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She stated that many of these girls can look back and see how they would justify how they were the exception. They girls that are lured into this lifestyle believe that somehow, they are invincible and the exception to the above scenarios happening to Canadx. This is what you deserve.

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The girls they lure are not Canads either. They are no different from you and I. We all wonder: Why would they stay? Many are beaten into fear and submission, making it hard for them to leave.

Not to mention, many police treat them as offenders rather than victims, causing them to not want to approach the law for help. However, as the news clip covered, there are police who are dedicated to offer rescue to those who are ready for it. We also have wonderful organizations that are committed to Girls around Canada to fuck blogs rescue and restore these girls lives.

Girls around Canada to fuck blogs

However, the only shelter in Calgary has had government budgeting stripped from them, and now face having to close the shelter. We as Calgarians have a great opportunity to come a long side and support the work of Servants Anonymous by coming together as a community to raise funds. We cannot allow this to happen. Lives are at Girls around Canada to fuck blogs.

Defend Girls Blog Canadians Condemning Sex-Selective Abortion “Canada is a leader in human rights around the world, and that is because we take. She had heard about the work Perry was doing and was aware that girls had been taken from the Halifax area to work the streets of Toronto. Facts and Myths about Sex Trafficking in Canada. Posted on Approximately 95 % of trafficked victims are female: most under the age of

Another way to get involved is The Net Alberta meeting where they will be Girls around Canada to fuck blogs about a number of things including how to help Servants Anonymous. For information about the meeting, click here. To read the Calgary Herald article about the budget cuts click here. Thank you for sharing the truth about trafficking with your readers. This is definitely something we all need to be aware of and acting on.