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Gupter Puncher [Zine]

There have been 16 issues so far [including the latest one] and honestly, I’ve lost most of the PDFs. It’s probably for the best as the first issue was terrible and issue 4 wasn’t much better.

Here are the ones I do have:

Issue 3

[Can’t find the pic]

Print run: 2700

Places: Same as Issue 2

Download the PDF version here: Gupter mag – ISSUE 3

Notes: The first issue to attempt a theme – various Hollywood actors trying to either make a movie of ‘V’ or kidnap its author, Thomas Pynchon.
It’s weird, I don’t even like ‘V’ that much, it was just what I was reading at the time. Some good stories came out of it though, especially the Jack Nicholson one.
I think this was the first issue where I got other people to write for it too. Lawrence Gray…whatever happened to him? His story was the Clint Eastwood one and I thought it was quite good.

Issue 5

Print run: 2500

Places: HK, London, Sydney, Philly, New York, a few others I can’t remember now


Notes: This one had some good stories but followed the format of the previous zines too closely. Also, I tried to expand a little and send it to more places, while at the same time not printing so many copies as the last one I printed, I was putting them anywhere and everywhere…even in a pet shop…and that’s never a good tactic.

Issue 6

Print run: 2000

Places: same as issue 5

Gupter Issue 6

Notes: this is the zine where the whole thing really came together and realised what it wanted to be. There are loads of inserts, and almost everything relates to other things in the zine and it looks like a huge mess but it’s not really.
I think some of it’s actually quite moving, but that’s probably just me. Should I be moved by my own writing? Maybe not. But I was moved by a character that wasn’t me, so maybe that makes it okay.

Issue 7

Print run:1500

Places: Same as issue 6, but also to random people in other cities like Austin who spread it around for me.


Notes: The issue that got the biggest reaction, maybe because it was the most personal. It had three editorials and non-fiction text broken up by e-mails to my friends or ex-friends or people I generally knew.
I remember one guy e-mailed me, saying: ‘I’ve found you, but have you found me?’
Another guy found a copy in a subway in Austin…or so he said. Does Austin have a subway? By subway, I mean the metro.

Issue 8

Print run: 1800

Places: really can’t remember, but it must’ve been London, HK and Sydney. I think I went to Brisbane too, when this was printed, so I probably put some there.


Notes: The first few pages of this one were just a stream of angry consciousness that was really genuine at the time – looking back, it was probably a mistake, I didn’t hold onto that anger, but I wanted to put something in the zine that was really petulant and childish, the rage that we all have but only ever put in fiction.
Also, the Mark Wahlberg movie retrospective and the Green Hornet piece were quite funny, I think.

Issue 9

Print run: 1000

Places: HK, London, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, France, Spain etc [I was travelling around Europe at that time]


Notes: This was the zine where I made the switch to A5 and black and white. It was supposed to be a mini-zine, but I still managed to stretch it all the way to 40 pages. Not bad.

Issue 12

Print run: Can’t remember

Places: The usual

gupter issue 12

Notes: I tried to make this one look prettier, and I think it works, kind of. Not much else to say…I get this one confused with issue 10 a lot.
Oh yeah, I went back to A4 with this one, and colour too. I guess I must’ve had some cash from somewhere…not sure where.

Issue 14

Print run: 1000

Places: HK, London and lots of zine stores and comic shops and bars around the world

Gupter Puncher Issue 14

Notes: I targeted specific places for this zine. It cost quite a lot for the mailing, and I don’t know if it was really worth it. There weren’t many e-mails or much in the way of response. Looking at it now, maybe it was just too weird…or maybe I didn’t print enough copies. Who knows?

Issue 16

gupter 16 cover 5

Print run: 1500

Places: HK, London, Sydney, Alabama, Wellington, various video game bars around the world

Gupter Puncher Issue 16

Notes: For the first time I’ve opened the zine up to other writers who I don’t know…writers I’ve found online mostly. Hopefully it’ll spread a bit further than it ever does in the real world when I put the PDF version on this site.
We’ll see…


Here’s a list of where you can find a copy [note: some of these places are closed now, and some of them only had 1-2 issues of the zine dropped there because I only ever went there once or twice and think it’s pointless to send it to them again]

Hong Kong

Phonograph [TST – best bar in HK]

Full Cup Cafe [Mong Kok]

Garden Cafe, City Uni [Kowloon Tong]

Kapok [Wan Chai – but there are only 4 copies here, that’s all they wanted]

ACO Books [Wan Chai]

Cafe Corridor [CWB – or is it Coffee Corridor? I forget…]

People’s Community cafe [CWB – not sure if this name is right, it’s the book cafe with all the Mao stuff]

Brunch Club [CWB + Soho]

Culture Club [Soho]

Konzepp [Sheung Wan]

Rat’s Cave [Sheung Wan]

Club 71 [Soho]

HK Reader [Mong Kok]

Joyce is not here [Soho]

Baby Buddha [Soho]

Flow books [Soho]

XXX Gallery [Sheung Wan]

Blue Lotus Gallery [Fo Tan]

Uni of HK [Outside the bookshop]

Chinese Uni [Not sure where I was exactly…near a cafeteria]

Above Second Gallery [Sheung Wan]

PARA/SITE Gallery [Sheung Wan]

Shek Kip Mei Art Estate [In the cafe]

Cattle Depot [Near the old airport]

Star Crossed Tattoos [Tsim Sha Tsui]

Home cafe [Sheung Wan]


The Alibi

Loading Bar

Dalston Superstore

Book Club

Lik + Neon

Beyond Retro

Poetry Cafe [Covent Garden]

Foyles Cafe [stairwell]


Queen of Hoxton

Cafe Kick

Cafe 1001

Nobrow Gallery

Candid Cafe

Inspiral Lounge

Mega City Comics


Baby Bathhouse [Not what you think]


Climpsons & Sons [Not sure if this is the correct name – it’s on Broadway Market]

The Film Shop

Gallery Cafe

Albion Beatnik

Jam Factory

Truck Records

Magic Cafe

Orbital Comics

Phonica Records


The Tabernacle

Rough Trade

Evil from the Needle

Hell to Pay

Pogo Cafe

Kristina Records

Look Mum No Hands!

Hackney Bureau

Banner Repeater

X Marks the Bokship

Housman’s Books

Dave’s Comics [Brighton]


The last Bookstore


Leer devagar

2 other places I don’t know the names of



Daisy’s Castle




A jazz cafe I can’t remember the name of


Red House Cafe

Near Boston

Flying Object




Space Station Osaka


Various places in Fortitude Valley


Sticky Institute

Tai Chung

Let’s Zine


Book Society


Z Cinema

Filmkunst Fitzcarraldo


30 zines sent to a guy I half know, don’t know where he put them


Lost in Transit…not the name of a place, the zines did not get there


Microcosm Publishing


8-bit Cafe


CMYK kld

12 Comments leave one →
  1. June 16, 2011 5:17 pm

    It was a lot better than ok!

  2. Julie permalink
    August 27, 2011 4:39 pm

    It’s not dead, I found a copy in a hostel in Bucharest!

    • August 27, 2011 4:42 pm

      Yeah, there were a few Issue 8’s scattered there. Good to know the hostel staff didn’t bin them.

  3. Kenny permalink
    August 30, 2011 4:34 am

    The guy from Culture Club told me it was coming back to HK…true? I hope so, HK is so lame, it doesn’t have anything else like it. How can such a big city produce no other zines??

    • August 30, 2011 3:27 pm

      I don’t know, maybe there are local [Cantonese] zines you haven’t found?

  4. Rachel permalink
    September 4, 2011 8:32 am

    In defense of HK – it really isn’t lame at all. You just have to be persistant. Would love to see the mag again though!

    • Stavrogin permalink
      September 4, 2011 1:19 pm

      you’re in luck, the zine rides again. Issue 9 is in some places now…i’ll write a list of them when I have some time…or anti-time [?]


  5. Leanna permalink
    September 11, 2011 7:00 am

    Picked up the mag from the stairwell outside HK Reader. Great stuff!

  6. November 23, 2011 4:25 pm

    Oh crap, any chance to still get a couple of copies of “9”?

    • November 23, 2011 4:25 pm

      … in London.

      • Stavrogin permalink
        November 25, 2011 6:00 pm

        Sorry man, ‘9’ is all gone. ’10’ will probably turn up in London sometime in February.

  7. January 6, 2012 7:16 am

    9 is here. In cause way bay. There should be at least 3 left up in the Brunch & Supper Club on Leighton. Have at!

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