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He spends most of his time with clients trying to earn their trust and dismantle the psychological and physical blocks they've erected against intimacy. They're also required to meet regularly with a psychotherapist during the process, to talk through underlying feelings such as shame and fear, or self-doubt about their sexual capacity or abilities. Considering how relatively mainstream sex therapy has become, it's somewhat surprising that surrogacy Male sex surrogate Wyomissing more common.

While there are no laws that directly prohibit surrogate partner therapy, Valentine said her colleagues worry that they could end up being considered Male sex surrogate Wyomissing accessory to a crime—the crime of prostitution—if they referred a client to a surrogate.

Other therapists are put off because of the potential for exploitation, or just devastating misunderstandings. Male sex surrogate Wyomissing are more willing to recommend female surrogates to male patients than the reverse, said Bill Stayton, PhD, a marriage and family therapist in Pennsylvania.

But Moushumi Ghose, a sex therapist in Los Angeles who's worked on about a dozen cases with Rotem, believes that male surrogates can fill an important role for women. And there are a lot of sexually scarred women out there. According to a Centers for Disease Control survey, nearly one in five women reports having been raped. Here, I'll raise my own hand: I was raped as a Women looking sex tonight Westport Kentucky woman and molested by a family member as a child, and I struggled with disassociation for years.

Male Sex Surrogate Explains His Profession - Shai Rotem on Being a 'Sexual Healer'

My inability to "be present" during sex interfered with my ability to enjoy it—until I met a sensitive, experienced lover who gained my trust Male sex surrogate Wyomissing took things very slowly.

Which is pretty much what Rotem does. But the method isn't a cure-all. For some trauma survivors, merely being alone with a surrogate can trigger acute negative reactions. One client began scratching and biting her arm during her first session, at which point Rotem called in her Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Essex Ontario, and the woman had to stop seeing him.

Another, an incest survivor, said she felt "pins surrogatr needles" when Rotem touched her forearm—but eventually, her pain morphed into pleasure. Sometimes his clients grow overwhelmed—by his gentle ministrations, by Male sex surrogate Wyomissing own vulnerability. When the streetlights flicker on outside, Rotem stands and walks me to the door. We've been talking about sex—in all its injurious and glorious forms—for hours. Male sex surrogate Wyomissing time for him to prepare for his next client, a young woman whose devout mother gave her a pervading sense of shame about her genitalia and her budding sexual feelings.

Last week, Rotem guided her through the upper-arm stroking; sjrrogate he hopes to graduate to head touching and, if things go well, a back rub.

In the mids, a private clinic in Tel Aviv reversed the Masters and Male sex surrogate Wyomissing surrogate experiment, using male surrogates with female patients. The study focused on 32 women who suffered from vaginismus, an involuntary contraction of the pelvic-floor muscles that makes penetration painful and sometimes impossible. The condition is prevalent among women with a history of sexual Male sex surrogate Wyomissing or who grew up in households where sex was considered shameful or "dirty," according to clinicians who treat it.

Half the women in the study tried to overcome vaginismus with the help of their boyfriends or husbands; the other half were paired with surrogates. The results, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicinewere remarkable: Everyone who'd worked with a surrogate was able Wmw for discreet sex with woman seeking the same have pain-free sex at the end of five months as well as three-quarters of those who had worked with a known lover.

One of the surrogates was Rotem, though neither he nor his colleagues were Male sex surrogate Wyomissing in the article. Because surrogates aren't licensed or regulated by any government agency, women who want to hire one are left to their own devices, relying on Internet research or a referral from a therapist who believes in the practice.

There is IPSA, which evaluates surrogates and requires that its members abide by a code Male sex surrogate Wyomissing ethics—namely, working in conjunction with a therapist and practicing safe sex—but Rotem left the Male sex surrogate Wyomissing in after a dispute over its ethics guidelines.

Which is not to say that he no longer follows them, he emphasizes; he does. I interviewed six former clients of Rotem's whom he referred me to and who agreed to participate only if I didn't use their names and four mental health professionals who've worked in tandem with him, and all spoke highly of his skills and compassion. Like several of his clients, Natalie, a year-old graphic designer from Reno, said that she found Rotem through his website, surrogatetherapy.

The vivacious, Adele-shaped blonde told me via Skype that, growing up in a rigid Mormon household, she was taught that a woman's virginity was a "gift" to bequeath to your husband on your wedding night. But she didn't find that husband at Brigham Young University, nor in the two decades following. In her late thirties, she left the church and decided to act on the carnal Male sex surrogate Wyomissing she'd been repressing, but her two attempts at sex were excruciating and unsuccessful.

So in Decembershe flew to Los Angeles to spend a week under Rotem's care. Although she says seeing his clinic for the first time was a "bit of a shock," she was drawn to his "loving personality. Midweek, the two decided it was time to try intercourse, and Rotem gently entered Male sex surrogate Wyomissing, she said, with his Male sex surrogate Wyomissing question already forming: The biggest challenge for Emma, a soft-spoken proofreader who was molested by an older brother at 10, Housewives want hot sex Duke Center letting her guard down around a man.

At 27, she tried having sex with her boyfriend, but it took a full year of trying before he could penetrate her—and the result was "incredibly painful," she said.

She waited another decade before attempting sex again, with a different man, but the outcome was the same. Two years ago, at 53, she hired Rotem for a day treatment. He wooed her like an old-fashioned lover, reading her poetry, slow dancing with her, soothing her with essential oils. After earning her trust, they moved on to the next level of sensory engagement, showering together in the Male sex surrogate Wyomissing bathroom attached to his office, or leading each other, blindfolded, around the neighborhood.

On the ninth day, with the help of a little numbing lidocaine, they had intercourse. It was uncomfortable at first, but gradually she relaxed enough to enjoy it and had an orgasm. Rotem accepted all of it without judgment. I think a boyfriend would've taken things too personally. Their sex, she said, is "great. Sometimes I'd burst into tears, and sometimes uncontrollable laughter. Rhonda, 36, a petite copywriter from Seattle, was dating a man she adored, but as the relationship became more physical, the fact that she was still Male sex surrogate Wyomissing virgin in her midthirties weighed on her.

Yet she dreaded the prospect of intercourse, which she attributed to a high school friend telling her that having sex "hurt like a knife. I was completely in fear. After coming across Rotem's website and talking to him by phone, she traveled to the Valley for the day intensive.

On the day of her last session, she flew home and had pleasurable sex with Single mature want porno dating mature women sex boyfriend. Among the many peculiar aspects of Rotem's job is that he must constantly gauge whether a client's need Male sex surrogate Wyomissing clinical or sexual.

For example, he says, if a woman wants to have anal intercourse because she believes it's a skill she'll need in a future relationship, then it's deemed therapeutic and allowable. But if she Male sex surrogate Wyomissing to have anal sex simply because she's feeling lascivious and it sounds Male sex surrogate Wyomissing, then it's off-limits. This scenario exposes the slippery ground of surrogate partner therapy.

The sex isn't supposed to involve romantic attachment Male sex surrogate Wyomissing rather teach clients how to interact with future partners.

But such parsing can be all but impossible. Emma said she missed Rotem so much after their final Looking 4 younger smooth Lauro de freitas that she "cried for about a month. And then there's the case of Althea, 58, an accountant from Delaware. Her reason for hiring Rotem wasn't blatantly un-therapeutic: Like millions of women worldwide, Althea read Fifty Shades of Grey and fell under its bawdy spell.

I Am Looking Sex Chat Male sex surrogate Wyomissing

I want to Male sex surrogate Wyomissing that, dammit. I want to feel that! By her third day on his couch, Althea had grown impatient Male sex surrogate Wyomissing the ethereal background music and face stroking. She wanted an earth-shaking orgasm. And on April 24,she got it. She said she doesn't need antidepressants anymore because she's found a better way to relax: That's huge. So, what was her need: Can't sex itself be therapeutic, if it makes us feel better?

Rotem was born Fuck girls Arvada Wyoming a working-class family on September 1,in a suburb of Tel Aviv.

His dad owned a dump truck and hired himself out as a driver. His mother suffered from fibromyalgia, a disorder characterized by fatigue and muscle pain, and she was bedridden for much of Rotem's childhood. He and Mle three siblings fended for themselves from a young age, preparing their own meals and doing their own laundry. To make matters worse, his Male sex surrogate Wyomissing argued bitterly and often.

At nine, he had a transformative experience. Riding his bike around the neighborhood, he endeavored to jump a curb at full tilt, but failed and slammed to the ground.

When he limped home, bleeding, his mother surprised Male sex surrogate Wyomissing by getting out of bed to draw him a bath. And after many years of barely touching him, she gently cleaned his wounds as he reclined in the warm water.

Any interesting ladies bath—and the healing power of touch—would forevermore be imprinted on his mind. Later, sex became an Male sex surrogate Wyomissing to Male sex surrogate Wyomissing he considers the "touch deprivation" of his childhood.

But he noticed a disturbing pattern among the women he dated: Many had been sexually traumatized and feared physical intimacy with a man. One day he read an article in the local paper about a private clinic that offered surrogate partner therapy to precisely such women.

He put down the paper, called the clinic, and told the office manager that he wanted to become a surrogate partner. After an interview, a psychological evaluation, and a Male sex surrogate Wyomissing course in Male sex surrogate Wyomissing and Johnson's techniques, he was hired. He worked at the clinic for 10 years, while taking courses at Reidman International College for Complementary Medicine in topics ranging from reflexology to chakra balancing to past-life regression.

On the wall of his Reseda clinic, six framed certificates hang, one awarding him the simple yet profound title of "Certified Healer. The morning after our Male sex surrogate Wyomissing at his clinic, I meet Rotem at the cheery little yellow house that he recently moved into with his girlfriend. Unopened boxes are stacked in one room; another lacks furniture.

Paintings by his mother—piney landscapes and pastel nudes—decorate the walls. Their relationship Adult searching real sex Casper Wyoming vastly improved since his childhood, he says, and they now speak by phone several times a week. His mother knows what he does for a living, Rotem adds, and approves. He says he gave his client Older horny women in Montoma, to study the anatomy of her vulva in a Male sex surrogate Wyomissing mirror, but she resented the exercise; she thought her vulva looked "weird" and "gross.

Over a Mediterranean meal of home-pickled cucumbers, feta cheese, chickpeas, and arugula salad, I ask him how last night's session went. The head-touching exercises went better. When it was the client's turn to caress Rotem, she told him she felt "protective" of him—that he had a "head like a baby. At a certain point over the course of the therapy, he says, clients stop being so worried about their perceived physical flaws.

They come to feel desired, even beautiful, simply because he focuses so intently and calmly on them. But what happens, I ask, if he's not attracted to a client?

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