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Psycho Holosuite Zine

We’ve stopped doing the Gupter zine for a while, and instead we’re doing a new one here

It’s a…

Tri-monthly horror/dark sci-fi/bizarro zine that will be unlike any other magazine you’ve ever read [unless you go to zine shops a lot, in which case, it probably isn’t]. For an idea of what I’m talking about, read the last Gupter zine we did here.

The first issue of PSYCHO HOLOSUITE will be available in print zine and e-zine on March 15th  May 1st …November 1st, 2015. [We’re gonna wait for reviews to be done before releasing]

Here’s a pic of the cover by Soren Melville to keep you going:

psycho holosuite7-2

It will be better than both ‘Monster Dog’ and ‘Angela Queen of the Demons.’

In the meantime, we’ll put new stuff on the psycho holosuite site as often as we can, hopefully 2-3 times a week if we get enough contributors.


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