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Re need a woman in my life

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What is your criteria for an admirable, memorable woman? This suggests that we are looking for good, sweet girls to turn into programmers. Nicki Minaj puts it best:.

We put so much pressure on women to be brilliant, attractive, personable, successful, and everything in between. We deserve equal treatment for no other reason than the fact that w are people.

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It needs to be okay for women to fail. I think of brogrammers, nerds, guys who love ultimate frisbee, and guys who love Overwatch.

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If the tech industry were only for geniuses, I would have a different message. I would say sure, only let the brilliant women in or hey, let the rest of us in, too. womxn

More than women who are at the top of their fields, I need women who suck at programming. I need women who went to schools they could afford.

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I need women who are okay at their jobs. I need women who sometimes have to ask questions and admit weakness.

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I need women who are antisocial, who love video games, who fall right into the stereotypical depictions of a woman in tech. No matter who you are, if you want to be in this field, you should be allowed in. Hire the best person for the job. If a woman sucks at lifs engineering, it is not sexist to acknowledge that.

In a perfect world, this would be perfectly fine advice. But we all Canonbie nc webcam our own biases, whether conscious or subconscious, and people do tend to get this idea that women are either incredibly talented programmers or completely useless.

Women, like men, fall on a spectrum and having a diversity of talent would relieve the pressure for all of us who feel as though we have to be on one of the extreme ends.

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