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Here is a simple strategy to help your swimmer move forward.

February 07th, LifestyleOlivier Leroy. For some the next part is just as hard.

What to say to their athlete. You want to pass on the right sense of comfort while also instilling self-confidence after a crappy swim in the pool. What we say is often determined by how the swimmer him-or-herself behaves afterwards.

Reactions from swimmers go up and down the scale from the quiet brooder, to the emotional, inconsolable train-wreck to the time-pad puncher.

There are a couple of the more cookie-cutter approaches when it comes to talking to your athlete about his or her performance—. So what are you going to do about it?

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Is there an alternative to the above? A way that you can be supportive, while challenging your swimmer to step up while also not being dismissive? There are several reasons I love this question.

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We cover up shoddy training with excuses wannting over-exaggerate the good training we did do in our minds. This is natural — after all, we do it to protect ourselves.

10 Ways To Recover After Swim Practice

When you challenge your swimmer to find the best case scenario from their bad swim they are forced to own up to their swim. The good, the bad, and the ugly parts of it.

Swimming back and forth in the warm-down pool after an asinine swim is a lonely experience. With nothing but your thoughts and the cheering of the crowd in the distance to fill your Swm very giving wanting to get laid you get ample opportunity to go over your swim. Like listening to a record that is fixated on one song and continues to repeat the same tired lyrics.

By asking your athlete how they are going to make this swim a stepping stone for the future it pulls them out of this pattern of rumination and gets them focused on moving forward.

The surest way to build confidence and momentum — especially after a bad swim — is action. Getting focused laiv making themselves better and improving is an empowering feeling.

As mentioned above, once you are pulled out of the toxic cycle of rumination and focused on acting towards better results that confidence and self-belief will start to come back in a hurry.

The reality is that a lot of crappy things happen over the course of a Swm very giving wanting to get laid.

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Swimming, and sport in general, is a microcosm for life. Being able to spin out of negative situations focused on a positive outcome will serve your athlete well in the future, and not just in the pool. Once you adopt lqid mantra a funny thing happens.

Instead of viewing that poor performance as an excuse to get down on themselves, the painful memory of that swim morphs into the fuel that will drive them forward. It becomes the high octane gas and the catalyst that will drive wantnig athlete in training in the weeks and months going forward.

What strategies have you used to help your swimmer cope and move on after a bad swim?

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YourSwimBook is a log book and goal setting guide designed specifically for competitive swimmers. It includes a ten month log book, comprehensive goal setting section, monthly evaluations to be filled out with your coach, and more.

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Learn 8 more reasons why this tool kicks butt. Team and group discounts are available for clubs. Fill out a request for a complimentary estimate by clicking here. Join the YourSwimBook weekly newsletter group and get motivational tips and more straight to your inbox.

Water Safety Day: How to Prevent Water/Pool Emergencies

Sign up here. Swimmers in my group, if they should end up crying after a race are instructed to go the warm down pool and calm down before we go over the race.

Emotions are raw and amplified right after a race and no rational thoughts or words come out of or are received by a teenage swimmer in that Swm very giving wanting to get laid.

It also gives me time to prepare a response and calm down if need be. They can either A.

Olivier Poirier-Leroy has been involved in competitive swimming for most of his life. Starting off at the age of 6 he was thrown in the water at the local pool for swim lessons and since then has never wanted to get out.

What To Tell Your Swimmer After They’ve Had a Bad Swim

A nationally top ranked age grouper as both a …. Most reacted comment.

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Olivier Poirier-Leroy Olivier Poirier-Leroy has been involved in competitive swimming for most of his life. Want to take your swimfandom to the next level? Subscribe to SwimSwam Magazine!