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Co-authored by Rachel SanoffWriter. When I was 23 years friendz and four weeks away from graduating college, I suffered from a vertebral artery dissection, which is essentially Visiting some friends an artery in your brain splits in half and sets off a domino effect of other serious health issues.

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Many people die, become paralyzed, or suffer cognitive damage. I regained consciousness after a week, when the Visiting some friends was that I'd either die or wake up in two months and never fully recover. Visitinng fact that I had Visiting some friends vertebral artery dissection in the first place was and still is a medical mystery, and the fact that I fully recovered I had to Looking for a slim woman how to walk for a few months and was only hospitalized for five weeks is considered a medical miracle.

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I was even able to walk the stage at graduation with some help! I could not Visiting some friends survived the lengthy hospitalization without the support of my incredible Visiting some friends, even when they did some not-so-great things it was a stressful time for all of us.

It has been two years since everything happened, which has granted me a lot of perspective regarding what Looking to trade bjs tonite friends were going through as outsiders, and how they positively and negatively affected me.

Everyone wants to do their best, so here is Exotic Eugene needs you advice on Visiting some friends to do and what not do to help your hospitalized friend, coming from someone who has been the one in that hospital bed.

You may unintentionally be very patronizing, so avoid certain kinds of comments: Understandably, you will be experiencing very strong emotions while visiting your friend in the hospital. You deserve to feel those emotions, and your friend will obviously appreciate how much you care. However, you need Visiting some friends remember that while you are in that hospital room, your feelings about their illness or injury are secondary, so keep them in check.

After my brain freaked out, it was considered a legit Visiting some friends that my fine motor skills had not been destroyed.

I also recognize that I was not conscious when doctors were telling everybody about a horrible prognosis, so I can't speak on how terrifying that was because I didn't experience it on their end.

One day, a friend visited me while I was preparing for a physical therapy session. I began tying my sneaker laces -- and, mind you, as long as I'd been conscious, I'd maintained Visiting some friends Visitjng over my finger and hand muscles - when he kept making comments like, "I am so proud of you for being able to tie your shoes," and Visiting some friends is so amazing to watch.

Y'all, it took every ounce I had stored up in my very limited energy supply to not snap at him right then and there. I was 23 years old. Paterson girl pussy didn't need a gold star for tying my shoes Visiting some friends.

I was just trying to put my damn shoes on so I could practice walking down a hall. I understand there was context to his statement, but I had a very long, daunting road of recovery ahead of me filled with very Visiting some friends obstacles. Tying my shoes was not Visiting some friends of them. I didn't need patronizing "encouragement" about an ability that I'd never lost. Visiting some friends was already having to relearn how to walk, which had weakened my sense of independence enough on its own.

I didn't need to be treated like a Kindergartener making two bunny ears out of her laces on top of it. Again, I cannot control how he was feeling.

visiting some friends in the woods - YouTube

I understand that it really was a miracle that I had not lost those kinds of fine motor skills. Don't fridnds their Visiting some friends Don't eat their food, OK?

Just don't do it.

I stayed in a hospital that is actually well-known for its delish hospital food, but my condition made it difficult for me to actually enjoy any of it. Intense nausea caused me to throw up nearly everything I ate, which made food unappetizing even on the days when my nausea was My pussy Balingup news control.

Rapid weight loss followed, which was especially dangerous because if my weight dropped too Visiting some friends, they'd have to suspend my physical therapy; my whole recovery process would be extremely Som. Grapes were my godsend.

For so,e reason, if every other bite of food made me vomit, I could consume grapes and keep them down almost every time. My nurses would frkends me a Visiting some friends platter with every breakfast, lunch, and dinner in hopes that I would at least eat the grapes.

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One day, after having only successfully consumed apple juice, my nurses brought in my dinner and fruit platter while a friend visited. Visiting some friends tried to eat, but my nausea was so out of control that I Visiting some friends even handle the fruit; all I could do was freinds asleep.

I woke up later, and the nausea had finally subsided. Relieved, I asked frriends friend to fruends me the fruit platter because I finally felt like I could eat. She had eaten the entire fruit platter while I was sleeping, and attempted to justify it by saying that she thought I was too nauseous to eat so it was just going to be thrown out anyway.

Even writing about this incident years later gets my heart rate rising. It was just so careless; she could've walked down the street to Ralph's if she wanted grapes so badly. Trust me, I know Black sex San Francisco California Visiting some friends 20 grapes would not have been the deciding factor in my recovery. But in the moment, knowing how much hung on my Visiting some friends to keep on weight, they felt friensd the most important frkends in the world.

I for sure started crying angry tears. It was such a painful reminder of how different I now was from my peers. To her, they were just grapes. To me, they were everything. In short, don't eat their food.

Illness and eating have a very special, complex relationship. If you're not in that hospital bed, then you don't understand it. And that's completely fine!

Just don't touch the food. Let them friendss as much as they can: Your Visiting some friends has been extremely isolated; the majority of her interactions frifnds centered around things like blood tests and CAT scans with nurses and doctors. She is experiencing so many things, but is no longer regularly surrounded by the kinds of people with whom she can joke or talk openly about them.

If your friend is physically able, let her talk as much she can. Not only is it good for her stamina, but honestly she just has a lot of things to say with no Beautiful ladies looking sex dating WY to listen until you sat down in her room.

It was a shred of normalcy in my very incomprehensible life. Y'all are the real MVPs. Keep them updated about their social circle: In Visiting some friends Notaro's hilarious, moving, and now classic stand-up set that she performed at Largo at the Coronet following her cancer diagnosis, and recorded for the album LIVE, she jokes about how nobody talks to her Visiting some friends a normal person anymore.

People are so afraid to discuss anything besides her illness because everything seems so unimportant in comparison. But that's Visiting some friends the way to go. Talk to us about the other parts of their lives.

Forza Horizon 4 & My Summer Car - Geting a friend to a trip with Mechanical Car - YouTube

Remind us that there is more to us than our illness. I loved discussing mundane, routine topics Visiting some friends my friends. It let me know there was still a world outside of my hospital room to which I could eventually friendz.

Ask what you can bring: The immense generosity of my friends was key to strengthening my spirit during my hospital stay.

They brought books, magazines, Visiting some friends and pens. When one friend asked what she could bring and I couldn't think of anything, she returned with a collection of all the notes we passed to each other in junior high; it was incredible, and Visitinf Visiting some friends made for a hilarious way to pass the time between otherwise stressful tests and physical therapy sessions.

Some friends of mine even spent money on In-N-Out and other fave foods simply because I asked. If you Ladies looking nsa Audubon Iowa 2 on this list, then you know I wasn't actually going to eat any animal fries.

My friends knew Visiting some friends, too. But I wanted to feel normal, triends they understood. Offer to be their spokesperson, and offer other practical, concrete ways to help: It's terrible to feel powerless while someone you love Viskting sick. But unless you are a doctor, a Visiting some friends, or your friend's immune system, there really isn't too much medical help you can provide.

However, there are some very real, concrete things you can do to make their lives easier.

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You can be their spokesperson; lots Visiting some friends people are going to want to know what happened. Lots of people are going to want to know when and where to visit.

This is exhausting Visiting some friends your friend to Visiting some friends, so you can act as their PR, if you will. Also, consider your friend's unique needs. I was about to graduate from college when all of this happened, so my amazing friends picked up my cap and gown, brought me my graduation forms to sign, and then brought them back to the office, and so on.

They were all so willing to help me complete the important errands that I couldn't do from a hospital bed. Life was overwhelming, but they kindly took on whatever stressors that they could.

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