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Women who want sex in pt Manning Park

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If my black hair freaks you out, move on to the next post. I am 6'4 well built and hung just waiting for some fun possibly someone to spend the night wit and cuddle. She pboobiesed away and I miss her.

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I drive slowly in the circular driveway in front of the understated mansion tucked into the carefully landscaped yard.

I turn right, away from the sprawling estate. I have an appointment with Dr. David has been my doctor since I moved to Florida three years ago, after marrying Brad. David is one of the Womne looking men I've ever seen. He is blond, blue-eyed and tan from the many outdoor sports he enjoys.

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No doubt he is probably my father's age, but he wears it well. Truthfully, I didn't want him to be my doctor. My gynecologist back home was a woman, an old college friend of my mom's and I just loved Dr. I ij comfortable talking to her about anything. My choice Women who want sex in pt Manning Park a doctor here would have been another woman.

I didn't like the idea of a virile, handsome man giving me a pelvic exam -- it's embarrassing.

But all the women in Brad's family go to him, he's practically family. David, his brother Mark and Brad's father Joseph were childhood friends.

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Mark's son Greg and Brad were born a few days apart and are closer than most brothers. So the Hollingsworth and Manning families go way back. Who was I to buck tradition and go ssex a new doctor? I have to admit, once I got over my embarrassment we were fine. I've grown to love David the past few years as a beloved uncle and he's an excellent doctor.

It isn't his fault I get wet every time I see him. The reason for my appointment with David today will put me back at square one though. I haven't even pulled Women who want sex in pt Manning Park the parking lot and my entire body is red with embarrassment. I can feel it. My son, Alexander will be three Two girls at 7 11 on Lansing Michigan old next week and I haven't had sex with Brad in over three months.

David cleared me to have Women who want sex in pt Manning Park a month ago, but I told Brad there were complications and put him off. Brad and I have enjoyed a healthy, very active sex life since our second date when I was in college. Since the baby was born though I just haven't had the desire to be with him. I know it's psychological, maybe post-partum depression, who knows. But I'm worried if I don't get over this soon Brad will turn to another woman.

Maybe he already has. I push that thought out of my mind. I can't afford to freak out about this. Physically I'm fine, if you discount the fact that I can't manage to get wet for my husband. I have zero desire to be with him and I don't know why. I had a check-up with David last week and while I was in the waiting room I overheard a beautiful redhead telling her friend that she'd had numerous private exams with Dr.

Hollingsworth at his home office and he helped with her sexual problems. Her tone of voice and confident smirk on her face made me instantly dislike her, but I listened in spite of myself.

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My cell phone rang just then and I missed the rest of their conversation. My friend Traci called and said she was sorry she missed me. She started her new job as concierge at Canyon Beach Resort last month and said she noticed Brad and me walking through the lobby an hour ago. She was called away on an emergency before she got a chance to speak to me.

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I told her not to worry about it and that we could catch up another time. My hands shook as I quickly ended the call.

I'd been shopping with Lisa Local girls webcams worcester the babies a few hours before my appointment and left Alexander at home with Lisa twenty minutes ago. I hadn't seen Brad since this morning.

Traci must have been mistaken. Brad would not do this to me. Maybe he took my mom to lunch there. We're similar in looks, so Traci's mistake was understandable, he must have decided to treat her to lunch since she was going home the next day.

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I kept telling myself that. Wsnt told me everything was fine after last week's exam and after he left I asked his nurse if I could set up a private exam with him soon. Instead of sending me to the receptionist she sat down with me in the examination room and pulled up information on her tablet. She spent the next several minutes explaining Dr.

Hollingsworth's private exams, but to be honest I tuned her out from the wanf go. My earlier conversation with Traci played over and over in my mind. Should I leave Brad if I find out he's been with another woman? Manhing have a baby now, and I'd rather not raise him alone. Brad's sexual appetite is insatiable. Looking for mature lady sex Akron Ohio get together with Greg and Lisa, either at our house or theirs, for sex sho or twice a month.

Lisa and I were both uncomfortable at first, sharing our husbands. But Women who want sex in pt Manning Park men really enjoy spicing it up, and anything goes when the four of us are together. I never thought he'd turn to another woman though. I just need more time. Understand what? I hadn't heard a word she said.

I Am Searching Sexual Partners Women who want sex in pt Manning Park

It was just another exam and if David could help me overcome the sexual anxiety I've felt the past few months my marriage would be back on track. Hang on just a couple of minutes and I'll talk Manninb Dr.

Hollingsworth to see when he's available. The parking lot is so small it would only fit a few cars.

The building is far enough removed from his house to allow privacy for both Women who want sex in pt Manning Park patients and his family. I walk into the office and notice he doesn't really have a reception area. David is seated at a large desk wjo feet Naked ladies in Rialto California and looks up at me and smiles as I enter.

I was surprised when Michelle told me you'd requested a private exam. Sit down for a few minutes and tell me specifically what problems you're having. I know my face is bright red.

And I'm wet. David is wearing scrubs.

He looks so sexy in scrubs. I've seen Women who want sex in pt Manning Park a few times at pool parties and know the thin, green material of his shirt is hiding well-defined muscles. My mouth is watering now too.

I've always wanted to lick his hard abs, and trace the sprinkling of hair at his belly button with my tongue to see where it leads. Of course I would need to undo his board shorts to get to the prize at the end. I shake my head, trying to clear the unwanted fantasy.

This isn't helping my problem with Brad. There should be a robe hanging on the door for you. I'll be there in a few minutes. Instead of the usual table with stirrups, it looks like an adjustable recliner covered in a silky material. I strip and slip on a short, black satin robe. This is definitely nothing like his office downtown. I Lady want nsa Emmet down in the soft examination chair.

The material covering the chair feels cool and soft against my overheated skin. I was already wet just talking to David, and remembering how he looked at the last pool party didn't help. I get up quickly, grab a tissue and wipe my pussy before sitting down again.

I'm embarrassed enough as it is, my gushing pussy would be the Women who want sex in pt Manning Park straw. David walks in.

Women who want sex in pt Manning Park I Am Want Teen Fuck

He hits a few buttons and the chair I'm sitting in raises and wno back. The bottom of the chair shifts and slowly spreads my legs.

When the chair stops moving I'm comfortably reclined and my legs are wide open. I've never seen an exam chair like this.