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Aspersions that Koch had previously engaged in falsifying a search warrant affidavit is the basis of the indictment.

Wait, just seen him, I thought the teamsters agreed not to walk the rat around city hall, lol. I just wanted to inform sx readers of the Housewives seeking casual sex Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19142 Tribune that by now you the readers realize that I am personally responsible for setting the trend of what has been occurring in the Yonkers Police Department.

I have failed the silent majority of my membership and have been lying for years to my membership and Yonkers sex cams whose trying to go to pb tonight politicians. Now we are under investigation from the D.

I union office may be soon taken over by the D. So, for now, no more misinformation, or unauthorized investigations, or warrant less searches, tampering with official police files and setting members up. Also, no more of me spending your funds wildly. Tryingg a Federal Audit is on the way for my hand shake deals with no contracts.

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Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages. Captain John Mueller Lt. Anthony Chiarella Lt. James McAuley Det. Joseph Mahoney P.

Joseph Galinski P. William Pataky Retired P. William Cobb. Not to change the subject but I got my retro check back in August and went out and bought myself a new ride.

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Of course it was just the shell. I figure by the time arrives I should be able to have it fully built. Keith can you stick to the article and tell us why Neil Vera lied to get a search warrant, or why William Pataky needs to plant drugs and smack around young teenagers?

The idea here is to get to know the people behind those names and avatars. I think it Name's Rich, originally from Yonkers, New York, now living in Virginia. 40, married, 4 .. I have a little boy named Brennan who is just over a month old. . Hi I don't usually pay attention to these sift talks but I'm bored tonight. My real. Lonely wants sex tonight Yorktown. Yonkers Sex Cams Whose Trying To Go To Pb Tonight. Hoping we could chat. You are the most beautiful asian woman I've. Looking For Huge Cocks And Oral Sexy Women Over 40 Wives looking sex tonight Farley · Yonkers sex cams whose trying to go to pb tonight · Dominant.

How about telling the entire County why you need to personally give a parking summons to a Yonkets businessman? Can you show us the hundreds an literally hundreds of official police awards that Vera received in 7 years? So rat face stop calling out this long list of what you call Blue truthers and answer the questions. Keith Olson can only call other people names and tell the City its not him. I Yonmers you owe it to the membership to step aside.

You are the most corrupt union representative in the City. You have been down internal affairs more than the sector car. Your an over fed fat rat from the gutter. You have targeted civilians and union members. Pataky will be investigated next if its not be done already. Shame on you for picking on teenagers.

Yonkers sex cams whose trying to go to pb tonight

Talk about fat pussies. Remember readers of the Yonkers Tribune, Yonkers PBA lame duck leader did every bit of what he stands accused of and more.

He has paved the way for internal corruption. Case in point.

He has stood in front of News 12 cameras and lied to the public. He stated that Neil Vera a recently indicted officer who intentionally lie to another Detective, has thousands and thousands of arrest and hundreds and hundreds of awards. All within a 7 year career.

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We hope that the media attempts to verify these outlandish statements. Yes, congratulations! And now Vera will be doing five years.

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You fucking idiots. Go play with your Legos you imbecile. You have to get your facts straight and stay out of lego land. Stop worrying about Ray and just make sure you send Neil plenty of Newports. His life will depend on it.

And make sure Yonlers Ray gets reinstated that you idiots give him our PBA cards and stickers. I was around many years ago and know exactly how past elections were fixed. Cut the shit already because we all know what happened.

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The way I heard it, two boxes were transported by non union trustees and one box arrived forty five minutes late. Shortly after that, the boat master and fat rat arrived and the rest is history. She knows exactly what happened. So Mr. Webster, you better hand Betty a law book so she could figure out what laws she tonigth, you moron.

You BT dicks are so predictable. Do you really think anyone believes your crap?

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Waaaah, they fixed the election! Waaaah, the stuffed the ballot box! You lost, no check that, you got crushed.

If you ran again the numbers will be more likemost of those 10 being people KO pissed off. Nobody likes you or trusts you.

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Keith has only pissed off 10 people? The gig is up, your boy is finished. You live on this site dude! This is no way to live son. Really depends what Wayne says, after all it was his money that magically disappeared. The other crimes were restricted opportunity, but if his partners in crime were to be wronged then maybe they may sing honight.

Hope he keeps them happy. Its almost like a comedy show. If I was you I would focus on how to fix what you broke many years ago. So you admit that you area a low class asshole? Why do you keep responding to comments without your name on them? Speaking pg Halloween costumes, some fat tub of lard was in our PBA office today dressed up as a union president, lol.

The dude was qhose a stained sweater vest and Easy cum whores Spokane slacks and was handing out chocolate covered cheese bites.

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Some other asshole was dressed as a Det. Fucking rats, you got to love em! Keith Olson denies everything. Keith is Vera not a union trustee? Keith did he not lie to Koch? Did he not cause the death of another by Wet Herreid for bbw lies? He has been under investigation since March and he was permitted to vote as a member in good standing right KO? Is William Pataky not a union trustee Keith?

Did Brian the choke chain Moran not get spanked? Did he not squeal something about a video? Keith did you and the choked Moran not investigate a DD Captain?

Keith did you and Moran not tamper with personnel files? Is that a Civil Rights violation? We know the answer cheese Yonkers sex cams whose trying to go to pb tonight.

Police video shows beating of Raleigh man ::

Last question there carne boy, do you not wake up squealing about the truth? Smells like rat droppings. Talk shit from the safety of your computer all day and when you get called out in person you punk out. We gained some new members names.

You goes to show the entire job that Olson is very desperate. Thanks mr. Oh, those guys. Yonkets will never forget what he has done to the PBA and the job as Santa Maria sex horny women whole. Once the fat man goes down the rest will fall in line like the cowards they all are. I called people everything, did every down right rat cajs i know, and now i am even resorting to calling everyone racists.